19th October, 2001

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Join me in spreading the news;
together let's get the word out.
Psalm 34.3 The Message

From George Purkweri, Lira, Uganda
I am leaving for the Great Gospel Crusade in Kitgum, Northern Uganda, a place where we have rebel and terrorist activities for over 15 years and where our children are abducted and sold in Sudan. It is the war zone so pray with us. The first group has already gone.

From Doug Lucas, Brigada Today, USA www.brigada.org 
Joshua Project II has the world's most comprehensive list of all the world's peoples. See http://www.joshuaproject.net/datacomplete.html 

From Miguel Vargas, Lima, Perú  
Recently I visited the city of Piura to spread the word of the Lord. It was invigorating to witness people coming to Christ. The people are in great need. I met kids with AIDS and was deeply moved. I request your prayers so that we may keep on working with those people. If you would like to support children affected with AIDS, please contact us.

From Gail, Nations, Wales
The only way the Father's house is described is as a house of prayer. It is a place that has room for every nationality and it is a place of joy. We can go and visit it any time we chose to by coming in prayer and worship. He delights to take us into His inner chambers. We are building 24 hour prayer to worship and commune with Him, to hear His word and to meet each other in the spirit. We are asking Him for the young mission movement in Lesotho to rise up and transform that nation and Africa. We join with the Chinese as they prepare to march along the Silk Road bringing the gospel back to Jerusalem, and so on.

From: Mike Frith, OSCAR, UK
From OSCAR's front page: (1) Crisis Management - With the recent terrorist attacks and the resulting global consequences, we have links to keep you up to date with official travel advice and to places for help with things like evacuation. (2) Virtual Healthcare - medical consultations via the Internet or email. (3) Internet Advice & Tips for beginners. (4) Christian financial advisors. See http://www.oscar.org.uk 

Dionisio Andrade, Tierra del Fuego, Argentina
I run a radio programme with interviews and missions news from around the world. I keep all our Christian community here in touch and let all the unconverted listeners know about the work of missions.

When we take your gifts to those who need them
they will break out in thanksgiving to God.
2 Corinthians 9.11

Extr@vagant Giving For The Poor
In October our missions offering goes to Burkina Faso, an arid, land-locked, desperately poor but peaceful nation of 12,000,000 people below the Sahara desert in West Africa. With your help we will support mission to unreached peoples, education, feeding, water and medical projects. No deductions are taken, every penny goes. Please see this special page then pray and send what you can, whether a lot or a little through this special on-line facility. Safe Online Giving

While searching for words, 
ideas are found.
Joseph Joubert (1754-1824); French writer.
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The Lord is good,
a refuge in times of trouble,
He cares for those who trust in Him.
Nahum 1.7

From Nazir M. Oad, Pakistan  
I am from Hindu background. My wife and I accepted Jesus Christ as Lord. and found a peace in our life. We have assurance that after death we will be with Jesus. God has been so good to us. We want to teach the word of God to tribal people who are totally unknown about Christianity. They go to priests, give them money and ask them to pray. They go to temples to give sacrifices. They always are looking for peace and happiness. We want to study at a Bible Seminary in Australia for 3 years, however finances are very limited. I hope that you will be able to pray for us and help us.

From Giovanny Herrera, Venezuela.
Following the leading of the Lord we are opening a local TV station and website to preach the Gospel by means of advanced technologies.

From Richard Bartz, Philippines www.seamist.org 
Let us keep our mind on the Lord and His plan for the world. Watching the news is not evil, but there is a temptation to become engrossed, then immersed in the events. The danger is that we will lose God’s perspective and become alarmed, discouraged, afraid, maybe even terrified which will make us less effective and productive, and can steal our peace. What God thinks is a lot more important than what CNN thinks. As momentous as events seem to be, they will pass in time and be mostly forgotten. But what we do for the Lord will never be forgotten; it will last forever.

From Ananova News, England www.ananova.com 
At least 400 carrier pigeons in India are losing their jobs because of the internet and e-mail. (Sorry! The editors)The birds with the Orissa state pigeon service carry messages to outlying districts.Officials say computers are cheaper and that only 200 of the original 600 birds are required. The birds can fly hundreds of miles to deliver messages before returning and were an important means of communication during floods and cyclones.

From Pastor William, Huancayo, Peru
Our team has just returned from the Andes of Huancavelica, where we have given training in leadership and evangelisation. People theere are really very needy. Your prayers will always be of great help for us.

From Diego Castro, Amazon jungle.
I would like to send readers some fotos of our work here, and my family. We are missionaries with the Shuar or head-shrinking peoples. If any church or believer would like to help us, please e-mail me. The need is immense and the people very poor but we are seeing God do His work and many are coming to the feet of Jesus.

Silence is a true friend who never betrays.
Confucius (551 - 479 B.C.); Chinese philosopher
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God, you're my God!
I can't get enough of you !
I've such a hunger and thirst for God  . . 
From Psalm 63.1 (The Message)

From Paul Lee, Korean missionary
Thanks to your gracious prayers and support the work originally begun in Kenya years ago now has blossomed to over 300 local churches in 5 East African countries, including Uganda, Tanzania, Congo and Zambia. Upon our upcoming return to Kenya we will renew our contract with FEBA to increase the number of radio mission programs which, have nearly a million regular listeners. We can't help but give all the praises to Him.

From Virgilio Zaballos, Barcelona, Spain
A new Remar radio station opened in Barcelona that reaches all the city and the coast as well. Last weekend I spent many hours at the recording studio at church preparing introductions for a programme called Thoughts for the Last Days to be done by my pastor.

From Shyam Samuel, Punjab, India
I am running a small school of 200 students called St. Edward's. Around 30 orphans are getting education from this school. Kindly pray for this charity and for orphans. Finally I pray for my Lord Jesus to bless all the nations.

From Luis Fuentes, Venezuela
We help divorced parents, children, single parents, disrupted families, a have a church network for children with activities for family and health. There are 12 churches with an average of 200 children per church. We need teaching materials either videos or printed as well as a big tent for campaigns and children camps. We are having a prayer vigil to pray for peace with 800 children and their tutors.

To wish to progress is the largest part of progress.
Lucius Annaeus Seneca (4 BC. - 65 AD) Roman philosopher, statesman

Knowledge is the antidote to fear
Ralph Waldo Emerson (1803 - 1882) US philosopher, poet, essayist
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Same pages in Spanish 


I have called you friends,
for everything I have learned from my Father
I have made known to you.
You did not choose me, but I chose you
and appointed you to go and to bear fruit.
Jesus, John 15, 15-16

Special Feature on Understanding Islam
From a Arabic Christian Professor in the Middle East
Islam does not mean peace, It means submission. The word for peace in Arabic is "salam" not "islam." Islam refers to slave submission to Allah and man's duty is to submit whatever the result of this submission. The Quran lacks the biblical concept of a son's relationship to God as Father.

The word Allah is Arabic for God. The Bible used this word, even before Islam, to refer to God and the Arabic NT speaks of Christ as Son of Allah.

Though Christians and Muslims speak of the same God or Allah, God's nature and attributes are entirely different between the two religions. The God portrayed in the Bible is very different from the God in the Quran.

Not all Arabs are Moslems. The word Arabs refers to Arabic speaking people, while the word Moslems refers to those who follow Islam. There are 19 Arabic speaking countries with 300 million people. While 95% of Arabs within them are Moslems, only 20% of Arabs in the USA are Moslems.

The state religion of most Moslem countries is Islam. Moslems think of the West as Christian and the present conflict as Islam versus Christianity.

A Moslem is not allowed to leave Islam at the risk of his life. At birth, a person is either Moslem or non-Moslem and his religion is entered on official documents. A person can easily become a Moslem, but not the reverse. There are no known visible churches of Moslem converts to Christianity. Converts do exist in small numbers meeting secretly.

There are many decent Moslems who are against terrorism. Some, embrace Christian values and those of the US constitution.

From Carlos Castro, Leon Gto, México
We are missionaries from Honduras in Mexico. We need your prayers, plenty of them. We are trying to reach out one of the indigenous peoples here, after only five months since our arrival.

The weak have one weapon:
the errors of those who think they are strong

Georges Bidault (1899-1983); French resistance leader
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Let petitions and praises
shape your worries into prayers.
It's wonderful what happens when Christ
displaces worry at the center of your life.
From Phil. 4.5, The Message.

From Pastor Sammy, Andhra Pradesh, India
My family and all 46 orphans are doing well. We have 175 churches planted and they are growing in spite of persecution by their caste. 165 people attended our Youth Conference and 32 gave their lives to Jesus. The Tailoring School and the lace business is doing well. The School of Mission in Telegu is helping greatly many pastors and churches. We have all the studies in a book which people can buy for $1.

What's New in October ?

From Marcelo, Buenos Aires.
My wife and I are young and inexperienced but have been called to missions. We are obeying by going to Spain. We go there to sow the seeds of missions and to see Spain rise and send missionaries to 10/40 window. Please, pray for us.

From Manta Timotei, Romania.
I am a young Romanian pastor and I minister in a very difficult area serving 32 members and another 25 in 3 villages. But what is 60  Christians in an area of 50,000 that has no evangelical church? In the whole county of 260,000 there are only 6 pastors and 650 evangelicals. We invite you to be our partners here in Romania as the opportunities are tremendous.

Not that some may hear, but that all should know.
With thanks to Gren Burgess, UK Gandcaburgess@btinternet.com 

The Money Forum



He will not crush those who are weak,
or quench the smallest hope.
Isaiah 42.3 (NLT Version)

From Dr. Joseph D'Souza, India
Over the past few months, high level leaders representing no less than 300 million Dalits, the "untouchables" of India,  have approached the All India Christian Council with a simple request: "The only way for our people to find freedom from 3,000 years of slavery is to quit Hinduism and its caste system and embrace another faith. Christianity offers hope for us. We are happy for our people to become Christians, can you help us?"

From Richard & Janet Land, UK
After returning from an 11 week mission to SE Asia we want to thank everyone for their prayer and generous giving to the believers. The work in Kalimantan, Indonesia is ongoing although it has had some setbacks due to the war between the tribes in that area. At the height of the trouble while we were waiting to travel into the interior it was reported that 10 to 12 people were being killed every day. The situation was such that we were warned by the pastors in the area not to venture in until things cooled off.

From Ruth, Buenos Aires
I have been doing the School of Mission lesson on the Holy Spirit and have begun to feel the presence of God in my life as I have never felt before.

From Ganesh Chitnis, India
Please pray for the people of Orissa, specially those in Malkangiri. Too much problems from Naxalite terrorists. Local administration has not been able to help these lonely people. I am on a 2 month Bible course. Pray that God may equip me and use me among the tribals of Orissa.

Website of the week
Beautiful words of comfort and encouragement: www.reata.org
An interview with God. Nominate next month's website

My greatest discovery is that a man can alter his life
simply by altering his attitude of mind.

(William James) From www.pocketpcpassion.com 
Thi is a brilliant Christian site for Pocket PC owners

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Weeping may remain for the night,
but joy comes in the morning. 
(Psalm 30.5)

Just like e-mails, joy also comes in the morning.  You would not leave a letter from a friend unopened would you ? Neither should we leave unopened the portion of joy sent to each of us each morning by the Lord.

From Arterm Sedov, Saratov, Russia  
Our student group had awesome meeting yesterday. The pictures are on http://www.engcamp.org  We had hours of listening to the history, structure and beliefs of Christianity. Our speaker specially came from 180 Km away. We had good fellowship and have been enriched with seeing Christ in the Old Testament up to our modern lives. We discussed many vital topics like chastity, virginity and the soul and spirit differences.

From Eu Hong Seng, Malaysia, a non-Christian land.
Today we got confirmation that our submissions for the new building’s Certificates are in order. This is a major breakthrough and we rejoice in God’s goodness. This means no more paper work, no more inspections, no more harassment. So, rejoice with us, not only is the building now completed, but it is fully paid for. This is a miracle.

From Andrés Fernando, Colombia
We want to open a place to train missionaries to send them throughout Colombia and the world. We have many souls willing to consecrate their lives to serve Christ, but they have no-one to guide them. God has also given us a 30 minutes of TV on a Bogota Christian channel. We need help to produce TV and satellite programmes for Latin America.

From Pastor JJ, Central India.
We are very thankful for your generous contribution to assist people affected by the gruesome Earthquake that struck Gujarat in January. A total of 32 houses were built and blankets, buckets and cooking utensils were given to many. I wish to thank everyone for standing with us and helping us face nature's worst fury. We pray that you will be blessed in return.

From Laurent J. LaBrie, Curtea de Arges, Romania
I enjoyed your Romanian pages and would like to include links to it on www.iBiblioteca.ro Your readers might want to know about this site.

From Luis Edgardo, Miami, USA
We would like to ask for your prayers for the work we have just begun here in Miami. My wife and I are missionaries from Venezuela, with our 3 children. We are making the first steps to open a new work in this city.

From Pastor Luis Alberto, Uruguay.  
I am a Pastor from Chile who came to Uruguay 4 years ago to work in church planting. Uruguay is the most secular country in Latin America, very strong in humanism, materialism and atheism which makes it difficult to extend the Gospel. We have 2% evangelicals, a very low figure but we are trusting in the power of God to see what He will do in this nation.

From Jackson Omaña, Warao Tribe, Venezuela
Please pray with me about severe health problems of tuberculosis, dengue fever and malaria among the Warao. Pray for our teachers and for my use of the Warao language. We're asking God for a revision of the New Testament in Warao and to get our training centre open.

From Robert Hosken, Moscow
As long as you are doing His will, you are safe in His hands, He will keep you here on earth until your work for Him is finished. Over the last 30 years in my missionary work I have been followed and arrested, expelled from various cities and countries, etc. Some missionaries on our teams were imprisoned or killed in serving the Body of Christ. But we do not fear him (the devil) who can kill the body, rather we fear God.

From Samuel Forbes, England

My wife and I are training for the pastoral ministry at a local Church but our real desire is Church planting, mission work and humanitarian work.  If God sent us now, we would be gone!  However, God's plan for us at present is to train and also the Search Christianity project.  (Please see http://www.searchchristianity.com
for a Christian 'Yahoo' style portal for the Europe with search, categories, chat, news, forums - it's all there)  

From Luis Polanco, USA
I have the privilege to lead a church which is praying every morning at am. The Lord encouraged us to give our love and support to missions.

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To err is human,  to repent divine,
to persist devilish.

Franklin, Benjamin (1706-1790); U.S. statesman and scientist.
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If you can't go yourself, 
then for God's sake send another in your place

Pastor Oswald Smith, People's Church, Toronto
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I feel that I should give everything,
until there is not a single pain, a single misery,
a single sin left in all the world.
I should give all to the Lord, all the time.
I should give my life.
Michel Quoist

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