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Welcome to all our readers and new visitors . . .

Important Change
To avoid providing advertisers with a source of data for illicit SPAM, writers e-mail addresses are now provided only in the subscriber edition. We will still publish web site addresses on-line as they do not cause unsolicited mail.

From Pastor Daniel, Kerala, India
Dear ones in Christ, greetings in the sweet name of our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ. Thank you so much for the teaching materials. They are really good for our training programme. Please allow us to translate and publish them in Malayalam language.

From the AEFI, Australasia
God has raised an indigenous mission in Asia with 200 national missionaries working in the 10/40 window nations. E-mail us for exciting testimonies of conversions happening today in the Hindu, Buddhist and Muslim world. Partners and churches are needed to support this cutting edge ministry.

From José Dante Rosales, Cuzco Peru.
We started a chain of prayer and visits to bring back all the young people who are not attending church any more. We are worried about our Bible School as it has little income and no committed teachers. We need the Lord do a miracle for us.

From Marcos Santos, Arica, Chile
The School of Missions from you is a great blessing. We have 25 students and applications in from Iquique and Antofagasta. We have students from Peru, Argentina and Bolivia.

From Ananova News, UK about Romania ! 
Clergymen in Romania have demonstrated against government plans to build a Dracula park calling the proposals sinful and warning officials they will pay for it on Judgement Day. One priest said, "I have already seen unnaturally pale persons dressed in strange black clothes. A group even said they wished to perform a ritual jumping through fire and invoking Lucifer in my church yard."

From Graham Crosbie, Surrey, England
God gave me a word about this website when we were just getting it going. It was to not limit our perceived impact of the website to tens, hundreds, or thousands of lives touched and affected by what we are doing but to think of millions of lives!


Time is the substance from which I am made.
Jorge Luis Borges (1899-1987); Argentinian author.
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From Dennis Alexander OMI, Lima, Peru

People Help People is a web page designed to inform and connect people interested in the poor of Peru. This page helps the visitor to experience poverty, and see missionaries working with the poor. It truly is people helping people. All you see is real and verifiable.  It's the World Christians website of the week

From Pasteur Philippe, Burkina Faso, Africa
Your offering of £1000.00 is a shower of blessing in the lives of people and will lead many into the Kingdom of God. The Evangelism team will start their programme now. Thanks to all. At Nabadogo we have the best harvest this year and I just took four more harvesters to work. We are very happy and thankful. 

From Andrew Godfrey, Missionary in Cameroon.
At long last our web site is up and running
. Please come and see us.

From Plácido Córcega, Venezuela
Our 1st World Missions Conference in December will challenge the Church in Venezuela to a greater mobilisation of workers to reach the Islamic world and the 10/40 window.

From Nick, a young man in the USA
A boy asked his mother, "Who do you think will be caught up with Jesus when He returns?" His mother said, "Let me pray about it and I'll tell you tomorrow." Next day she said, "Son, remember what you asked ?" "Yes," the boy replied. Mum said, "I feel like the Holy Spirit has led me to answer - those who will be caught up with Jesus when He returns are those who are caught up with Him now."

For everyone who prays  . . from BBC News Online

Patients in hospital with heart problems suffer fewer complications if someone prays for them, according to US scientists. A study of 150 patients found that those who received alternative therapy following angioplasty were 25% to 30% less likely to suffer complications and those who received prayer had the greatest success rate.


When one door closes another door opens.
Alexander Graham Bell (1847 -1922) Scottish-US-Canadian inventor.
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From F. John, England
We are yet to reach our full potential.  Let's believe God for millions of people to be reached, and for millions of pounds to be released and diverted out of unfruitful churches and onto the mission field and into the bellies of orphans.

From Miguel Vargas, Lima, Peru
A 4-year old child recently passed away from Aids which gave me an opportunity to speak about Jesus and many people gave their lives to Him that day. I request your prayers as I've got some respiratory problems. If you would like to sponsor a child with AIDS please e-mail my new address.

From Carmen Costa, Missionary in Brazil
Last Monday our Project Love had 45 children, aged 2 to 5. They are malnourished, with single parents or orphans and needy. In January when our sponsor a child programme is working we could have over 100 children. This is our dream. Please, pray
for us.

From George Purkweri, Uganda
I have been in Kitgum, the centre of terrorist activities for 15 yrs. We 'Invaded the Invaders' and saw a massive response with over 1000 people running to give their lives to Christ in tears, as well as deliverance and healing. Barren women were prayed for and we broke the curses over the land and dedicated it back to God.

From Orlando and Haydee, Patagonia, Argentina.
We have been called to serve in the Arab world and wish to learn the language and culture. This is very difficult down here but our hope is in the Lord and the goodwill of anyone who could help us.


Whoever thinks they are too small
to make a difference
has never tried to sleep
in a room with one mosquito.



Is Islam Really So Different ?

A 1 minute page for everyone who hears the secular news and realises that they know almost nothing about this faith which millions follow.  Written by an Arabic Christian professor in the Middle East.

From Danny, Missionary in Spain.
Being delayed in returning to Argentina we heard about some neglected believers in remote Aragón. Pastors no longer visit them and the youth went away long ago. When we arrived they re-opened the church and we had time to pray, praise and preach. Then the Lord spoke to us and we are going to return there. We can find many reasons not to but God has called us.

From Noe Soto, Huancayo, Perú.
This web page is a great blessing to us.  You are helping to complete the Great Commission to go and make disciples so that the whole world may be covered with the knowledge of the Lord.

From Richard Land, visiting Indonesia.
A local pastor was holding a prayer meeting in Brunei where preaching Christ is strictly forbidden. The police came and arrested all and the pastor has not been seen since. His wife and children managed to escape and eventually obtained visas to a safe country but needed funds for air tickets, which the Lord then provided. We praise God for five lives rescued from their enemies.

From Leticia Stabile, Choele, Argentina.  
We use this page to intercede in our prayer meetings. We bless you from southern Argentina.

A story from a visit to China.
anon for security reasons
We travelled with local belivers J and K to a small factory unit employing 20 people who are all training for Christian ministry. The owner of the little business was someone whom J led to the Lord two years ago on a train. He and his wife, who he then led to the Lord, are absolutely thrilled to use their factory for the Lord's work. The business gives the believers a salary and a reason for being together.


The artist who aims at perfection in everything 
achieves it in nothing!
Eugenè Delacroix (1798-1863); French painter.
Courtesy of Panda Virus Solutions 


From Lurline Stewart, Ambassadors for Christ, UK  
There is might moving of God here in Brasil. People are getting saved, healed and delivered by the power of God. Different churches are coming together. Pastors and the people's heart are open to the moving of Holy Spirit.

From Marcelo Rodrìguez, Buenos Aires  
We are obeying a call from the Lord to serve in Madrid from March. We need your prayers to get our visas as in August, visa regulations changed three times! The Lord has opened Spain for us, but we pray for all hurdles to be removed.

From Val Browne, South Africa
We pray for you every morning. I love reading all the news from around the world, and its exciting to see what our Lord is doing.

From March For Jesus, Uruguay  
On the Montevideo March for Jesus two national TV channels broadcast the celebration and many interviews were given to radio stations and newspapers. Some covered the whole march, in particular the message. Six thousand people gathered.

From Ana Azpeitia, Brazil  
A group from the People’s Cathedral, Bahía Blanca, meet together in my place to grow, sow and prepare for our future missions. We use your studies. We enjoy all the Lord tells us.


To yearn for the past is to chase the wind.
Russian Proverb
Courtesy of Panda Virus Solutions 


From Pastor JJ, Maharasthra State, India
Truly we have been blessed by our Leaders Conference of 508 delegates from 5 States. One pastor said, "I am 70 years old and but I have never seen this before." The anointing of God was flowing like a river in every powerful and stirring session. All this would not have been possible without your prayers.

From Pastor George Purkweri, Lira, Uganda
A 14 year old called Janet was trying to sell her baby for £12 ($20) to whoever would buy him. The rebels had killed her parents and she was living with uncles who are very poor. She got pregnant by a man from a tribe who may eat children and she feared to go with him lest he eat the child. Another boy said he would marry her but he said to either kill the child in the latrine or sell him. When a pastor saw people bidding for the child the starving girl gave the baby to him and ran away but the pastor brought her to me. I gave her porridge for the child since she doesn’t have mother's milk due to starvation. I led her to Christ and that child is now under my care. Such children are so many now.

From Esther Ruth, Santo Domingo. 
God has called me to prepare to be a missionary. My heart is in the Middle East, not because of the current problems, but God placed love in my heart for those peoples. So, if you know how I can get there, please inform me.

From Pastor José Johnny, Perú  
Our School of Mission only had classes on Saturdays, but now it's three times a week as I want my students to be ready to start new work.

From John Clements, Nottingham, UK
I went with a Korean missions team to inner-city Birmingham where a pastor and his wife are reaching one of the 4th poorest areasin the nation. When they explained the life of some of their people - such as the woman with six children, all with ethnically different fathers - the whole room took a sharp breath. This is cross-cultural mission to be sure!

From Pasteur Philippe, Burkina Faso  
Jacques left Bible school in 1983 and served the Lord in Damane for 2 years establishing a  church there. He then moved to Fantin for 16 years where he established 4 churches of 200 believers. This year he moved to Bangesom and lives with his wife and 6 children in one small room. He asked us to show the Jesus Film in his village, 100 kilometres away and we will do and we also sent food and clothes for his family and church.

From Ananova News - Smile !

An Austrian monastery has installed a firemen's pole to make sure monks get to their prayers on time. The pole runs down to the ground floor where prayer meetings take place. Apparently plunging 7 metres in 2 seconds is a great way to start the meeting, but the nuns have all refused to use it!

From Mision Mundo, Mexico
Víctor and Mauricio are missionaries in San Luis Potosí with an ethnic group called the Pames. God’s blessings have not taken long to come as they have  established 4 churches, 2 missions and 4 prayer points in 18 villages.

Have you asked Jesus into your life ?
Millions of men, women and children all over the world know the love of God for themselves because they asked Jesus to be their Saviour, Lord and friend now and for all eternity.  For over 24 years of following Jesus, he has proven himself to be our helper, our provider, our protector and shelter in the storms of life. If you haven't taken that most important of all decisions yet, right now is always the very best time. Maybe this Prayer will help you ?


Silence is a true friend who never betrays.
Confucius (551 - 479 B.C.); Chinese philosopher
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The World Christi@n
The Notice Board Of The Nations

We will appreciate your support in prayer for the Lord to sustain both us and this work of support for a world of people in mission. Thank you.

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