Receptive People Groups

Reported by a mission to the Church in Pakistan

Three hundred New Congregations
in Three Years !

In 1994 we shared the vision of Church Planting with a number of Pastors who caught the vision and began to run with it. They appointed 3 evangelists to visit the Punjab where there are 9,000 unreached communities. They found many nominal Christians with no church among them. They led them to personal faith in Christ and 28 men attended a short-term Bible School in July 1995.

Since then we have held a total of eleven such short-term schools and a total of 353 men have been trained. Each man has been challenged to plant at least one congregation where there was none before amongst specific receptive communities or remote villages. In fact some have started up to ten new congregations. Last year we made contact with 200 of the 271 trained men. They had 300 congregations between them, ministering to 5000 adults and 8000 children every week.

From August to November 1999 we will train a team who will then run short-term Bible School in 10 strategic districts. Each district will then hold ten more Bible Schools to train men to go church planting in the remote villages. Ten districts each doing 10 schools can train up to 20,000 men a year.

Earlier this year we held a short term school exclusively for Gypsies and 26 were trained and graduated. Last year we witnessed 50 gypsies being baptised as believers in the Lord Jesus. Pastor S has baptised over 100 during the past year. D had the privilege of baptising 50 last March, most of whom had come to trust in the Lord Jesus through the ‘On the Job Training’ of some of the students.

Let us illustrate what we mean by
Receptive People Groups:

In a town some three hours journey from Lahore on our last day there last October six people repented and received Christ just after breakfast. We were then asked to visit and address a school. The Headmistress, three staff and all the pupils present made professions of faith. In the afternoon we visited a nearby community (one of twenty such communities nearby). 51 adults were present and approximately 16 children and young people.

At the close of the message we invited those present to repent and trust the Saviour. At the end of the service 50 adults and 16 children and young people gave their names indicating that they had repented toward God and put their faith in Jesus Christ as their Lord and Saviour. At the evening meeting in the church another 12 made profession of faith. 200 in one day!

The Fastest Way to Make Disciples
is to Plant Churches

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