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Christmas Party for the Poor in the Peruvian Amazon
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First of all, let me tell you that the Christmas Party of the Poor for the native children, celebrated in the native community of Chosica in Rio Santiago, Amazonia, was a big one.

José Luis - a young priest and believer - also took part and the name of Jesus was exalted and glorified. The native people could not believe their eyes, they were astonished that an evangelical pastor and a priest warmly hugged each other and laughed, ate, and drank together -and that this was no hypocritical display; rather, they could all feel the extraordinary love of Christ Jesus. We both preached the love of God expressed in Jesus. In the beginning, my evangelical brothers and sisters were grumbling about the decision to throw the party alongside the Catholics. But God touched their hearts and let me give them the letter you had sent in which you gave us directions about the celebration. It was amazing to see each and every evangelical hugging and welcoming Jose Luis and his team, sharing with them and serving and loving them.

But this is not all. God honoured us with a great miracle of the multipliying the
loaves of bread. I was astonished when my people came telling me that the 350
people who had arrived had already had a meal but the basket was still full. Thank
you Lord for your great love.

On December 24th, we celebrated Christmas at the 'Fuerte Teniente Pringlo'
army base, which patrols the border with Ecuador. The Lord powerfully visited us there. The chief of the base invited me to lead the Thanksgiving service. After words by the Commander, I spoke to 200 officials and rank-and file soldiers about the love of God poured through His Son (John 3:16). At the end of the sermon I invited them to say a prayer to accept Jesus as their only Lord and Saviour. My heart was filled with joy when I saw that as one man, they all stood up and came forward. The jungle trembled by the shout of these brave men and there was joy in Heaven.

Thank you for your patience and love, and for your prayers and the huge provision
that God sent us through you. I love you and give thanks to God for letting me know you. I love you so; the children here love you too. Greetings from all the native believers in the Amazon of Peru.