Salvation and safekeeping in Sudan
Miracles, guns and drunken drivers

Pastor George Purkweri's visit in August 2004


We send our love and greetings to all who contributed in one way or another for this mission in Sudan which was so successful and beneficial to the kingdom of our God. We acknowledge your contributions and sacrifices despite the fact that you lack. May God bless you for standing with the poor, unreached and vulnerable people of Uganda and Sudan.

We are happy to report to you that Godís grace was sufficient for us. We registered the number of serious people who confessed Christ as their Lord and Saviour about 79 in number and the Lord delivered so many sick people.

A certain man who took revival sometimes back to Sudan had suffered since April this year, his wife died of the same sickness, and he was worried, sick, bed ridden and paralyzed completely and could not rise up from bed unless supported, this man after payers put his faith into action and rose up and walked instantly. He refused his walking stick and surrendered it to us as a sign that he is completely healed. When the news reached to the nearby village they started carrying sick people even up to the boarders of Congo bringing them to us for prayers. God continued to deliver his people and so many gave their lives to Christ.

Pastors from Congo were also invited to the launching of the Bible training school in Sudan, as they witness the occasion they felt touched so much and requested me to kindly take the same training to Congo, They said they are so desperate for training and there are so many people who are un training in the Word of God. They need the materials in French. So they are calling us to go and minister the word of God and hold seminars, crusade and launch the Bible training centre in Congo by the end of November or early December this year.

The launching of the Bible school in Sudan was excellent, that day we registered 12 students who can do English course and 40 shall do the course in their local language.

We gave some few goats since it was not easy for Tom to buy goats at such short notice, but all the hoes, seeds and saw machines were given with a lot celebration. Widows were so grateful and happy to God and to you for the gifts sent. Tom will buy all the goats soon since we gave him the money for them all.

We reached up to Yei and made strategies for future mission .We found that there is an airstrip in Yei and it costs about £33 / $60 to fly from Entebbe to Yei. So next time when you come or some one wish to go with us we can go by air, which is safe.

Here are some problems that we encountered although through your prayers God delivered use from them all.

On the day we left for Arua, the rebels had attacked the travellers on the way to Arua just few days and many were wounded, but God spared us.

When we reached Arua we had problems of transporting the items to Sudan but we tried to work on Tomís old vehicle which gave use a lot of problems, three times we had tire puncture on the way to Sudan and yet we had no spare tires. We hired one on the way and managed to go up to Sudan although this made us to be behind our schedules and missed some meetings and markets where we had planned to buy goats for the widows.

Once we were a bit scared after being given a room where the soldier had left his gun in the mattress, so I had to remove the gun from the mattress after sleeping on it and placed it under the bed in the middle of the night. God saved us from such accident.

Our driver got drunk and refused to hand over the car key to Tom yet insisted to drive us like that which was so risky on the poor roads of Sudan. We thank God that after deep prayers he gave his life to Christ the following morning and drove us safely to Uganda.

When we arrived in Uganda we got the bad news about some members from our Church/our friends who had also gone to the mission with in Uganda but had a serious accident and 10 people lost their lives in the accident. Many are still in serious condition and need our prayers.

Pastor George Purkweri

DCI Uganda and Sudan

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