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How to send a gift    
or transfer money     across the world

Your support will enable us to serve a world of people with free resources for new mission, new free training and social action for the poorest. We sincerely welcome you and your friendship because together we can do even more to bless the lost, the last and least of the world and those who are trying to reach them with God's love.

Les and Pilar Norman
The founders way back in 1985

1. Send direct to us with an easy, safe and secure
    On-Line Credit Card payment at no charge to you.

Pay Pal from E-Bay is instant, safe, free and easy to use. Visa, MasterCard, Amex and debit cards are accepted. US $, UK , Euros, Yen - you can choose your currency. If it helps you can see today's exchange rates here.

2. By Bank Electronic Transfer in any currency.
You can send to DCI at the Cooperative Bank, Skelmersdale WN8 6WT, UK, Bank Code: 08-92-99, Account number 65114928, Account name: The DCI Foundation. SWIFT code CPBKGB22OFS. Contact telephone: 08457 215215. The Cooperative Bank handle all of our transactions free of charge.

You can also send direct to anyone in the world who has a bank account by asking your bank to do a SWIFT electronic transfer. You will need the name, account number, bank code, SWIFT code and bank name and address for your beneficiary.

3. By
Western Union or Moneygram in any currency.
Click on the blue links to find your nearest agent, there are thousands all over the world, even in the smallest towns. Send to Les Norman at Nottingham, UK. Or send to the beneficiary of your choice. The funds will be ready for collection in 2 minutes. You simply send us or your chosen beneficiary an e-mail with the MTCN reference number that you will be given. In the USA, UK and some other countries you can send funds by a telephone call to these agencies, or via their internet pages using your credit or debit cards. Highly secure, fully recommended, the best but a little expensive to use.

You may also find Moneybookers to be very useful and efficient, and to send money to Cuba which is almost impossible, use UTS in Switzerland and your funds will arrive tax free at the local grocery store, just don't ask how.

4. Send a Post Office Giro, a cheque in Euros,
Sterling or dollars by post.

Ask for the postal service that requires a signature. Make a cheque payable to "DCI." I will send you a receipt and a letter of thanks by e-mail or letter as soon as we receive your gift. Click here to ask for our postal address

5. For UK taxpayers only
You can send a gift to any UK Charity, full time Christian Workers or Bible School students with additional Gift Aid via Stewardship. You cannot send to 'non-charitable' individuals or to anyone outside of the UK unless they have a charitable agent in the UK. You cand send to Les Norman or to The DCI Foundation through Stewardship.

Donate through CAFOnline

As an alternative CAF which is the UK's biggest, safest charity umbrella for handling gifts to UK charities and NGO's of all sizes including the DCI Fund. Click on CAF red box, however your gift will take four weeks to arrive.

Thank you.

Since 1987 everything that the DCI Fund provides has always been free - all the Internet pages, news, resources, aid and materials and Bible Schools in many languages with e-mail support.

As much as we are able to every month we also help to fund the launch of new mission, new training schools, new projects for widows, orphans, children and the poor, and new micro-credit schemes for the developing world. Reports and photos appear frequently in the news pages.

We have no building or salary expenses and work in a very cost-effective way through a trusted network of colleagues around the world. We are funded exclusively by many small gifts from individuals and have no denominational or church sponsorship or ties. We are very grateful for very gift from anywhere in the world. We will use it well and be assured that no deductions are ever taken for any reason. We will write and say thank you as quickly as we can.

Please tell us if you wish to designate your gift to a particular person or project. Thank you.

Les and Pilar Norman

Founders, the DCI Fund, England.

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