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Школа евангелизации  
1. Course Introduction
How to get the most from these lessons and
how to share them with others.
6. Всеми средствами
Being effective, Jesus a friend of sinners, being sensitive, focused, knowing where to start.
2. Благая Весть
Knowing God; Jesus is alive, grace; life after death; a return of Christ and a last day
7. Оснащение Силой
Discover how God supports your testimony with the power of His word, His Spirit and more!
3. Просите Бога
Prayers that move God’s heart; move your feet and lips, and remove the enemy.
8. Чудеса и знамения
Signs and wonders from God helped the early church to grow but are they for today?
4. Шаги подготовки к
Overcoming fear of speaking, preparing our heart, our message and approach to people.
9. Больных исцеляйте
God's healing power and how to bring healing
to  physically or emotionally sick people.
5. Образ жизни евангелиста
If an evangelist will do today what Jesus did, people will be drawn to Christ in the same way.
10. Бесов изгоняйте
If people are gripped by evil powers and how
to release them in the name of Jesus.




Школа миссии  
1. Course Introduction
How to get the most from these lessons and how to share them with others.
7. Завершить Дело
Discover the many ways that everyone can help reach the ends of the earth.
2. Божий замысел для этого мира
Discover what God intends to do and what He expects of us in the last days of history.
8. Недостигнутые Евангелием Народы
Who will reach the unreached peoples first, the developing world churches or the West.
3. Великое Поручение
God’s prophetic plan, a promise of power, a job to do and a field to work in until Jesus returns.
9. Достижение Недостигнутых
Reaching one of the remaining unreached people groups with the gospel.
4. Последняя Заповедь
The mission field inside us, the call of God and supernatural tools to work with
10. Иисус - Божий Миссионер
Incarnational mission; the way Jesus did it; how to relate to strange new people.
5. Что Такое Миссионерство?
Are you moved by the reality of eternity, heaven or hell? Are men really lost and why?
11. Почему бедные так бедны?
Is it their fault ? How could Jesus say, "Blessed are you who are poor?"
6. Божьи Обещания Для Миссионерства
A promise which you can inherit by faith and be a blessing to the nations today.
12. Помазанный Для Бедных
Who has God chosen to use to bring lasting change.

Школа ученичества  
1. Course Introduction
How to get the most from these lessons and how to share them with others.
10. Жизнь веры
What is faith ? Where faith comes from, and how to release your faith.
2. Первые шаги
Repentance, baptism, receiving the Holy Spirit, and joining the family of God.
11. Видение
Vision; what it is; the enemies of vision; vision from God.
3. Наша уверенность
Many ways by which we may know that we now belong to Jesus.
12. Жизнь с избытком
God’s three steps to release victory over sin, self and Satan.
4. Святой Дух
Be filled with God’s Holy Spirit, not once but continually.
13. Будьте как Иисус
The beautiful nature of Jesus and how to be made more like Him.
5. Молитва
First steps from when Jesus was asked, "Teach us how to pray."
14. Святость
Not from rules but from releasing the Spirit of Holiness in and through your life.
6. Слово Божье
What you do with God’s word and how it works in our lives
15. Страдание
Reasons for suffering, where is God in suffering, hope.
7. Размышление
Unlock the treasures of God’s Word and hear his voice.
16. Авторитет в Церкви
The divine line of blessing; what submission really means, and to who ?
8. Слышать Бога
Lots of different classic and supernatural ways to hear the Lord speaking to you
17. Любовь
How to love all the different people you should love, including yourself.
9. Поклонение
God is looking for worshippers not just for church members.
18. Возвратите Царя
Signs that point to Christ’s return, how can we speed the day?


Школа лидерства
1. Course Introduction
How to get the most from these lessons
and how to share them with others.
12. Как победить упадок духа
Why we can be discouraged, and how
we can defeat it.
2. Призыв первый –
Быть Учеником

Loving God above all; carrying a cross;
following Jesus, renouncing all for him.
13. Как преодолеть одиночество
Father, Son and Holy Spirit show us the
best model for leadership.
3. Божий призыв
The call of God, called to Jesus,
three levels of knowing God’s will.
14. Как правильно использовать свое время
Time for God, family, rest and recreation; working efficiently.
4. Кого призывает Бог?
We look for the strong, clever and wealthy
but who does God choose, use and change?
15. Судьба
Refusing fate; gripping God’s destiny and planning goals and plans.
5. Возложение рук
An impartation of power to commission,
heal and bless.
16. История Царства
A great heritage from pre-history to the
age to come.
6. Стойкость
What is stopping you from entering
into the call of God?
17. Слава Царства Небесного
Tour of God’s Kingdom and catch a glimpse
of the beauty of the King.
7. Закон подготовки
Discovering destiny; apprenticeship;
character; and a surprising graduation.
18. Пришествие Царства
Is Kingdom the God in the past, present
or future?
8. Начало пути
The journey of faith after hearing and
obeying the call of God.
19. Благословенные Царства
In the Kingdom some people are
especially blessed.
9. Истинный Пост
The true fast that the Lord has chosen
is not to do with food.
20. Миссия Царства
When God’s Kingdom advances the kingdom
of darkness retreats.
10. Верность
Faithful in small things; then to the needy;
and in times of loss and in rule.
21. Объединенное Царство
What divides us; how can we ever be one
so the world may believe.
11. Искушения
The girls, glamour and gold; handling pride; tiredness; sex and money.
22. Царство или Катастрофа
One is doomed to fall and a wrong decision
will be fatal.

Школа роста церкви
1. Course Introduction
How to get the most from these lessons
and how to share them with others.
9. Церковь, водимая Духом
Who is the Holy Spirit, what does he do,
what does this mean.
2. Строительство Церкви
What does a good church look like and
which way does it grow, and how ?
10. Воинствующая церковь
Two very different kingdoms totally
opposed to each other.
3. Церковь жатвы
Gather the end-time harvest and survive the opposition.
11. Апостольская церковь
Are apostles for today, if they are who
are they, what do they do?
4. Церковь служения
Servant leadership or the lordship of the secular and religious world.
12. Народная церковь
Mobilising every member to reach their
world and the wider world.
5. Наставническая Церковь
How to new believers into disciples without great expense.
13. Миссионерская церковь
All about goals for prayer, training, giving, going and sending.
6. Материнская Церковь
It is good to win one soul, but with today’s population, it is never enough.
14. Посылающая церковь
How you can be fishers of men,
what it means to go and to send.
7. Ячеечная церковь
No costly buildings, mobilise many people, protection from persecution.
15. Церковь изменяющая мир
A house of prayer for all nations,
their peoples and churches.
8. Живая церковь
What is the church and what should happen there whe you go ?
16. Церковь возрождения
Revival is every believer’s dream,
but how does it come ?

Финансовая школа
1. Course Introduction
How to get the most from these lessons
and how to share them with others.
7. Позор христианских растрат
Christian spending at th expense of the hungry unreached and untaught.
2. Борьба с бедностью
Overcome the deceit of inevitable poverty, fight poverty like fighting sickness.
8. Работники одиннадцатого часа
Some people still prefer to stay outside as beggars and hirelings.
3. От голода к изобилию
Move from famine into having enough for yourself and more for others
9. Как жил Иисус?
Jesus had hungry men and a treasurer so where did the money come from?
4. Небесная валюта
Buy food and drink without money using another kind of currency.
10. Поиск Поддержки
Raise your mission support by friend -raising not fund-raising.
5. Ключи от Царства
Speaking to mountains, rivers, binding, loosing, persevering, giving and receiving.
11. Support Raising Seminar
Ten top tips from 30 years of raising support for people and projects in missions
6. Экономика Царства Божьего
Be blessed by earning, handling and spending money properly.
12. Бизнес Царства Божьего
Some people are called and gifted not for the pulpit but for the market.
The Money Forum
Banking for the Poor Manual

Вся Школа миссии
All the above named studies
for diploma level in one download

Essential Extras
FAQS: Student & Leaders Manual
Answers to every known question and
answer from students and leaders
Open Your Own School of Mission
You can change the world if you will
embrace the idea.
Download Examination Paper
Answers by application only,
see the leader's manual
Unreached Peoples Course
Ideal starter course for home, cell or church, not our materials but we run this course.
Mission Training Materials
Advanced and specialised, not our own
materials but highly recommended.
List of Books
Used in the preparation of these lessons and well worth reading for extra teaching.