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1st February, 2010
May the people of Zebulun prosper in their travels.
May the people of Issachar prosper at home in their tents.
Deuteronomy 33.18 NLT

Zebulun were the people with the call to lead, to go first which is exactly what they did. On the other hand Issachar were quite different, they were the people who knew the signs of the times and what to do. Zebulun traveled, Issachar stayed home and both were blessed. In the same way some in our network travel and take God's love to the lost, the last and the least and some of us are called to stay home to help the others to go safely and responsibly. So whoever you feel that you are most like there is a blessing to be received and it is yours for the asking in Jesus' name.
Les Norman, the editor

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Jeremie in RD Congo has a Foundation recognized by the government. Dario Zapana works with the native tribes in Bolivia, happy but feeling very alone. Fred Mercer, UK, says thanks for this Internet Evangelism link, tremendous amount of useful material there.

Tell us what you are doing

30th January, 2010

Paul Lee, Nairobi, Kenya says after 14 years in Africa following the call of God to “Build Me the Church that will bring millions into My presence in the Word and power” we can now see numerous Training Centers, churches, kindergartens, literature production, microfinancing and radio broadcasts in seven African states.

Tell us what you are doing

Rolando Canazas, Peru says continual heavy rain here has left a lot of destruction in people's lives, especially in the Amazon where Henry is working with his own tribe, things are much more difficult up there.

Tell us what you are doing

29th January, 2010

Virgilio Zaballos, Spain says we visited a new church and found one of those prosperity gospel places but you have never seen or heard anything like this one, it was money, money, money from start to finish, no exaggeration. My son walked out half way. Never again !

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Comment from Les Norman, the editor.
Virgilio you should have left too! In all these places sooner or later, usually sooner, money moves upwards from the poor to the leaders under relentless pressure and promises of wealth in return. God certainly prospers His people but this is all the wrong way round for me. Avoid, leave!

Virgilio Zaballos has 14 free books on our free books page.

Dr Michael Adjei is pioneering a School of Mission in Ghana. Eloisa runs Project Hope Nursery for 140 2 to 3 year olds in Brazil. Jeannette, Costa Rica says these real stories are examples for my students. Ricardo pastors in E Palo Alto, USA looking for a place to hold services.

Tell us what you are doing

28th January, 2010

Ranledis Perez, Cuba says we have opened three new cell meetings, we are doing mission in a place 110 kms away, we just made 15 new benches for the church and people are already eating tomatoes from our plantation.

Tell us what you are doing

Ralph D. Winter, founder of the US Center for World Mission said in mission you can go, send or mobilise, but if you have a choice then choose mobilising people because it is very strategic to mobilise ten (or a thousand) people to go in place of one - you.

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27th January, 2010

Albert at Africa Youth Ministries
Uganda say join us short or long term for soccer, volleyball, basketball, netball, tennis, table tennis as mission. We need your used balls and equipment please.

Tell us what you are doing

Amistade says I have been in prison for 45 days waiting for eight witnesses to clear my name. I have been very depressed but after people prayed for me I felt twice the presence of the Lord. I feel peace, I can stand it now. Prison is a special time to open my heart to love and hope, it's an opportunity to learn and mature.

Tell us what you are doing

26th January, 2010

Did you see that 8 year old, Kiki, in Haiti on the TV? They rescued him after eight days trapped in a collapsed building. He was OK, his sister too but his brother had died beside him. The reporter asked him how he survived when he could not move and with no food and water? The boy looked into the camera and said, "God helped me." I tell you, the faith of this child is worth more than all those celebrity atheists put together.

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Antonio says Jesus got him free of drugs and he is going to follow him from now on. Magdalena, Nicaragua is looking for more news from Latinoamerica. Bruno Gbofoun is doing mission at home in Cotonou, Bénin. Gessi, Brazil is happy with the materials he finds here.

Tell us what you are doing

Ongoing news from Haiti . .

Haiti's worst earthquake in 200 years has taken the lives of over 150,000 people.Our School of Mission partner Johnny Auguste and his family live near the worst affected zone. 

Johnny AugusteHaiti says I am saved by grace, I was sent to a Port Au Prince hotel for a 14 day seminar but they suddenly postponed it and I left. Next day this hotel fell down and over 300 people were lost. I don't have any news of my parents, I have lost friends from work and many pastors, Christian friends and relatives. My colleague Patrick has lost his boss at the UN. We don't sleep inside because of the many aftershocks.


I have been to Port au Prince to take things to some victims. In Les Cayes now to visit our mission. Patrick is in Leogane where 90% of the buildings are destroyed. My brother in law lost 2 of his 3 sons and I still have no news of other close family.  I will look and look for them. I have found my brother and my mother. 18-01-2010

We don't go in to our jobs because the building was destroyed, our house in Miragoane is dangerous to live or sleep in so we will go to Les Cayes which is quiet and has more peace. 20-1-2010

Les Norman, the editor says our best way to send donations to Johnny in Haiti is to phone Western Union with your credit card. In the UK is it Freephone 0800 833 833 and WU have reduced their fees for Haiti. Send to Johnny Auguste and send the MTCN number to

Yesterday there was another 6.1 earthquake at 6.03 am just as we were praying together, and now we have to leave our home. So many orphan children are coming to us, we can't take any in, all we can do is give them meals and there is not enough money for that. The banks are all closed, life is very hard for all here, thanks for your prayers. My thanks to all nations who want to help Haiti, urgent aid is needed, we wait for the government and NGO's to come. 21-01-10

Are you in Haiti, tell us what you see 

25th January, 2010

John Ling says he visited 500 young people in prison in Myanmar, all under 17 years old. 70% had been caught stealing, all but two are Buddhists. We took food and juice, shared the gospel, taught them songs and left leaflets to read. All are still so very young and their hearts are open. The army officers there made the visit enjoyable. The prisoners need food, vitamins, medicines and clothes.

Tell us what you are doing

Mayatchi Soulé is a missionary in Sotouboua in Togo. Alphonse San-Fei leads intercession, worship and mission in Berberati, Central African Rep. Carmen Jimenez in Venezuela is looking for a Bible School there.

Tell us what you are doing

23rd January, 2010

Tito Berry, Brazil says our Bible School is based on the free DCI School of Mission studies, we have a network you can join, and we are starting a Spanish speaking church in Curitiba, Paraná.

Tell us what you are doing

Mbembi says please bring God's word and love to the Pygmies in the great equatorial forests of RD Congo. Ana says for a year she has been adapting the DCI free School of Mission for Argentina. Alexandre 25, is a youth leader in Sao Paulo, Brazil.

Tell us what you are doing

22nd January, 2010

George Purkweri, Lira, Uganda says we held your own DCI Christmas party here instead of in the UK. We welcomed 930 blind, lame, AIDS victims, orphans, widows and destitute people. Everyone had nice food, drinks and gifts and knows there is a God and Saviour who loves them.

Tell us what you are doing

It's faith that works in young believers to bring them into God as the basis for their living, and love which enables them to labour on despite pressures and exhaustion and hope which keeps them enduring when enjoyment turns to suffering, from 1 Thess 1, 1-3.

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César is training people for mission in Barranquilla, Colombia. Wazeng Jules, Lubumbashi, DR Congo says we have 80 students for five different Schools of Mission. Frits Kaloh says we are using the DCI School of Mission in Tangerang, Indonesia.

Tell us what you are doing


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21st January, 2010

Premjit Konthoujam, Manipur, India says we long to translate your training materials into Manipuri, they are very effective, practical and easy to understand for the students on our residential short term course. My desire is to reach both unreached peoples and the traditional churches here.

Tell us what you are doing

Tony Whittaker says if Facebook was a country, it would have the fourth largest population in the world.” Click for How to do Mission on the Internet 

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John Garang Chol, Sudan says these materials are really driving my life and ministry, mission open days Khartoum and Abyei 26-30 Jan. Paul works in mission in India with youngsters and students. David Lecca in Peru writes and publishes Christian leaflets, says to send him yours.

Tell us what you are doing

20th January, 2010

Ellen Johnson Sirleaf, President of 
Liberia said every Liberian should remember that for every bottle of whisky they buy that money could be spent on a bag of rice that would feed about 100 Liberian children.

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Josue says I am an evangelist in Aflao, Ghana. Debora Fontana says I am an evangelist in Lyon, France. Yves Ayité Gaba, Togo says we launched our Bible Institute and have 12 students.

Tell us what you are doing

19th January, 2010

Raphael Gbogatse, in Guinea says I give away the free Bientot, Soon and Booyataa leaflets in churches, prisons, buses and to the sick. We held a free Christmas Party in Conakry for beggars, disabled people, children, the elderly and AIDS victims.

Tell us what you are doing

Yoppi Margianto
Indonesia says my friend Steve has a 800 member church in Yahukimo for Momuna people from the list of the unreached peoples. His senior Simon was the first to bring the gospel to the Momuna. Yahukimo is our poorest town where even young people have died of malnutrition and there are still people there who live in trees.

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Steidy Suwuh says I use the DCI School of Mission in Anjungan Bible School to equip them to serve in West Kalimantan, Indonesia. Mirian wants to support mission from Chile to Morocco and Uruguay. Alejandro Ortiz is taking the gospel to street gangs in Paita-Piura, Peru.

Tell us what you are doing

17th January, 2010

Margarita Moreno and the churches in Quibdo, Colombia made 200 children smile when they all received a Christmas present. Edwin Freire says the big struggle in Ecuador is against idolatry. Djoi Michel is a pastor 25 kms from the nearest town Vakon, Benin.

Tell us what you are doing

16th January, 2010

Over Christmas people in DCI literally fed the 5000 by taking food, drinks, gifts, music, drama, clowns and a big smile to some of the poorest men, women and children in the world
Click here to the photo album or click on the country names to see some very beautiful faces from Congo, Cuba, Haiti, Indonesia, Liberia, Malawi, Nepal, Papua, Peru Villages, Peru Children and Uganda.

Easy to print page here and page two here

More from the Amazon here
More from Andes and Amazon here

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Junior Regis in Montreal, Canada says our DCI School of Mission is on Module 2 and in  February we are going to 
Haiti to organize seminars for pastors.

Tell us what you are doing

Fabiola Cañipa works with the Aymara in Iquique, Chile. Claudiney Duarte says Comunicando Vida has messages, videos and podcasts in Portuguese. Chilangwa Simusokwe has a leaders school in Kafue, Zambia with 15 students.

Tell us what you are doing

15th January, 2010

See our revised Banking for the Poor page for how to run a successful scheme and for a list of many new providers of micro-credit capital.

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Fanny in Colombia works in Kairos Missions and is ready to serve.  Isaias Marquez in Chile wants to open a home for alcoholics and drug addicts. Bomua is a happy new School of Mission student in Kinshasa, Congo.

Tell us what you are doing

14th January, 2010

George Purkweri, Lira, Uganda says after 6 months training in tailoring most of the 67 young ladies I took in from the streets, the refugee camps and those who were prostitutes are now following Jesus Christ and some have their own sewing machines to make clean money. 

Tell us what you are doing

Bokobana leads Youth in Action in Togo. Mbaya Ese in France is looking for a free Bible School in UK or Germany. Alexander De Leon in Guatemala says thanks for all the information.

Tell us what you are doing

13th January, 2010

First revealed on this page in March 2009 the BBC has now shocked the world with a TV documentary where witch-doctors openly reveal the extent of child sacrifice in Uganda. BBC page and video here and the Uganda Observer here

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Lekoto, Benin does mission and ladies micro-credit says these pages are helpful. Clerisse, Brazil asks for contacts to share God's love with lepers. Sunny Ntia directs Ambassadors World Outreach Nigeria and Uganda

Tell us what you are doing

12th January, 2010

Urs Scharnowski, Switzerland says this is a 'must read' short article: Ten Types of Emerging Church That Will No Longer Upset Your Grandfather. In English or Spanish.

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Yona Mwanza
Tanzania says big rain and big flood never happened before, many houses falling, people have no place to stay, some are dying, we have big hunger, we need your support and prayers.

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Miguel Diez, Spain says the Ivory Coast First Lady spoke at our Remar Congress and opened doors for us to help many needy children. Alfredo Roldan, Colombia says Biblioparques is a game that teaches the Bible. Lintang Suminar Sari, Indonesia says I am freed from the power of darkness with all its pain, now I am ready to serve the Lord.

Tell us what you are doing

11th January, 2010

Something to think about  . .
God is most glorified in us when we are most satisfied in Him.
John Piper

Is this true ? Add a Comment

Martín has a mission in Yucatán, México. Pangmashi Benardbut runs a mission and training program in Cameroon. Christina says to send her information on Muslims in France and people in mission in Grenoble.

Tell us what you are doing

It took 11 years to make this outstanding Mission and Prayer for the World database, thousands of contacts, yours for free.

Tell us what you have for free

9th January, 2010

Pastor M, Brazil says I have Burnout Syndrome, I am on treatment but I have to rest from my church. What happened ?

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Comment from Les Norman, the editor.

Actually I struggle with the same problem and have done for many years but the Lord always causes the alarm bells to ring before it is too late and I back off fast. God sends His peace and healing, but I know that burnout follows me like a dark cloud ready to fall. This is a very common problem in Christian work because the workers are few and the rest of us seem incapable of saying No. Learn more from excellent diagnostic and self-help pages here and here but if you need professional help, make that appointment now. Burnout is a like a spring that has been pulled too far and cannot be rewound without help and patience, don't let it happen.

My candle burns at both ends, it will not last the night.
Edna St. Vincent Millay.

They made me keeper of the vineyard, but my own vineyard I have neglected.
Watch out for 'they', watch yourself, better still to work with the King in His vineyard.

Song of Songs 1.6, 8.11

Galatians 6.9 says let us not become weary in doing good and not give up, which obviously means that both things - weary and giving up - can happen, and for me they did, so take care.
Name removed as a courtesy.

Comment by Fred Lozo
All too often many face temporary burnout-like discomforts and need to realize that other, very saintly people, also have faced this, and knowing what they did about it might help. Read The Dark Night of The Soul by St. John of The Cross.

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Here's a free program to make first class pdf pages, we love it !

8th January, 2010

Silvana Mara, Pousso Alegre, Brazil says all of our School of Mission 2007 students are now involved in projects for the poor through their local churches. The new church planting class all helped with our Christmas party for 130 local poor kids.

Tell us what you are doing

Johnny Auguste, Haiti had so many people coming to his School of Mission graduation that he had to rent the local Catholic church for this very smart occasion.

Tell us what you are doing

Maritza in NJ, USA says she is not a Christian but wants to know Jesus and help children. Stephen Makuimai in North East India leads a foundation that helps rural societies. Luis Alberto Saldaña, Peru runs a registered home for abandoned and abused infants.

Tell us what you are doing

7th January, 2010

Marcel Irma Guehi, Abidjan, Ivory Coast has finished the first part of the DCI School of Mission also teaching English and computers with 8 volunteer teachers.

Tell us how you are doing

Jose Luis and Esperanza look after 25 orphans in Mexico. Mario Mendez works in Mali with the Khasso people in Dipari, Bafoulabe. Lango-Yaya Ernest is in charge of a NGO in Central African Republic. Angel Contreras is part of a new church just opened in Viña del Mar, Chile.

Tell us what you are doing

6th January, 2010

Dr Angel Olmo of EMSI Misión Spain is taking a team of 35 surgeons, nurses and staff to Burkina Faso in March to treat hundreds of poor children free of charge and share the love of God with each one and their parents. EMSI is also building a medical centre and opening micro-businesses to create jobs and income. Read more and see photos on the brilliant EMSI website in Spanish and English.

Tell us what you are doing

Cheny Patrice says I would love to open a School of Mission in Martinique. Elena Suarez, Venezuela says thanks for telling us what God is doing in the world. Elizabeth Arevalo, Chile wants to hear from anyone wanting to go on mission to Haiti.

Tell us what you are doing

5th January, 2010

Daniel Kizhakkevila
India says we traveled 8 hours in Orissa to meet 21 people waiting to be baptised, even in persecution the believers had been sharing their faith and some of the people being baptised had been the persecutors. I visited two Mercy Homes that had been attacked, the children and the directors had to hide in the forests for five days to save their lives.

Tell us what you are doing

Jovanny Caro is showing the gospel through social projects in Colombia. Nasir Mall is living for the gospel in a small town in Pakistan. Reyna is starting a School of Mission in Los Teques, Venezuela. Lohoues Atchori, Abidjan, Ivory Coast is serving Christ and teaching others.

Tell us what you are doing

4th January, 2010

Charles Johnson, Liberia says our rural, tribal people came full of concern to ask what is climate change? I told them that they have to stop cutting down all the trees to sell charcoal because the desert will come in and water will be lost. In disbelief they said, "If we don't cut trees and make charcoal how will we survive?" Climate change is more than this but for Liberia it must mean keeping our trees, minimize exploitation of logging, oil, gas and natural resources or we will soon be in a serious mess!

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Selom says I am in Togo taking care of children and missions. Ngamouyi Jean is a pastor in a poor, remote part of Congo. Ernesto Weckesser says I am a chaplain in Argentina. Nelson Luiz Vieira Brazil says I have been giving leaflets about Jesus to people in the street for 14 years.

Tell us what you are doing

2nd January, 2010

Les Norman says the first Tamachek speaking nomads in one part of the Sahel have just decided to follow Jesus because one of our first School of Mission students from 1990 then spent years alone with them translating the New Testament into their language.

Tell us what you are doing

Yoppi MargiantoIndonesia is going to explain the gospel message in the simplest possible way in Yahukimo, one of Papua's 14 unreached people's regions, February or March.

Tell us what you are doing

Etutu, RD Congo says not to tire of doing good, keep going, one day we shall reap. Zenebe Alemu says I am an evangelist in Ethiopia. Alejandro is opening churches in Argentina, wants to contact people in Indonesia.

Tell us what you are doing

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Les Norman is a journalist, writer and a fund manager with the DCI Fund, serving the lost, the last and the least of the world. Since 1977 he has been following the call of Christ. He is married to Pilar and they have three grown up children.


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