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31st July - 1st August, 2010
The Weekend

Colin and Lynne, DCI England in Haiti say Port-au-Prince is in absolute chaos, threatening, only way out of airport was a $200 a day hire car, even then a boy tried to take the bags, everything extremely expensive but Johnny's 23 orphans are delightful.

Tell us what you see where you are

Biak, Myanmar says I have translated your free book Are You Missing God's Best into Burmese as far as chapter 12.

Available free in English, Spanish, Portuguese, Urdu, Russian, Chin and French.
The author, Pastor Eric Maddison, 87, is looking for Chinese and Korean translators please.

Belinda, Colombia says I am doing the School of Mission, we need people to go to the native peoples here. Justice Hayford, Ghana says we started a poultry farm to raise money for missions. Rodrigo says we are starting a School of Mission in Catalão Goiás, Brazil.

Tell us what you are doing or contact the writers

30th July, 2010


The most successful congregations are not dependent on foreign funding nor led by foreigners, in fact colonial influence weakens the church rather than strengthens it because external funding breeds dependency and keeps a church from standing on its own.

Read more, discuss:  is this true?

Nicholas Bhengu says God told me, "Don't get the money from the USA, go back home and get it from the women in your church. Teach them to do something with their hands, to take good care of their families, to lead their husbands to the Lord, and to tithe. Last year the women in his black churches in South Africa brought in $70,000.

Tell us what you think about this

29th July, 2010

Ling, Myanmar says I have translated the free DCI School of Mission up to Discipleship. I receive much blessing from this, we have 7 students on a year of self-support training enjoying learning God's ways together.

Tell us what you are doing

Marco says in Guerrero, Mexico the people love drugs more than they love God, we pray every day. Maria, Puerto Rico says God loves every race and colour, Jesus came for all of us. Yolanda, Philippines says our Daluyan Youth Center has a library and we plan for a children's church.

Tell us what you are doing or contact the writers

28th July, 2010

Dave and Heidi Skipper, UK says we have 100% of our finances in place, visas are coming and next month we leave for Tokyo, Japan.

Tell us what you are doing

Keith Smith, Scotland says we are on the way back to Burkina Faso, the
Gorom-Gorom school is progressing, dental equipment is shipped, our house is nearly finished, the local believers are doing well and Lynne is expecting our first baby.

Tell us what you are doing

27th July, 2010

George Purkweri, Lira, Uganda says again thieves came to my rooms and robbed a guest, the police came with a dog but we were so much scared and terrified all night. This week we have 400 leaders coming for the first Assembly of our Churches for the Poor.

Tell us what you are doing

Elias says this page builds me up and I use the studies to build up others. Chilangwa Simusokwe, Zambia says we are growing as a team as we study the DCI School of Mission. Graciela, Argentina says I take the Jesus Film to poor churches.

Contact the writers or tell us what you are doing

26th July, 2010

John Clements, Wales says I  am in Ouagadougou, Burkina Faso after ten days of training leaders in Léo where the weather was wet and delightful, but in Koudougou I almost passed out from lack of breath and roasted all night.

Tell us what you are doing

Antonio says Ipil in ZamboangaPhilippines is called a haven of terrorists and bandits but little is said about the everyday heroes who proclaim the Gospel where Christians, aborigines and Muslims live together.

Tell us what you are doing


24th - 25th July, 2010
The Weekend

Ranledis, Camaguey, Cuba says the well drilling sponsored by readers is 25 feet deep. There is lots of water for the vegetables, we bought five pigs and wire fencing ready for 100 chickens, this is a big help to our poor people. Photos

Tell us what you are doing

Sharon Marks, England says I am looking for the right place to use and teach my midwifery skills. I know non-instrument ways to save mothers and babies, easy to teach techniques that make a difference. Are any other organizations teaching similar things?

Tell us what you are doing

Brisa says I work with my church in Argentina, I am 9 years old. Lorenzo says I am sowing the seeds of God's word in Mexico. Analia, Argentina says I am part of a prayer and Intercession ministry.

Tell us what you are doing or contact the writers

23rd July, 2010

post-grad in Management and Social Work says I run a small clothing business in Chennai, South India to support ministry here. Can entrepreneurs doing Business for Mission please e-mail me, we can work together.
Tell us what you are doing

Windows Media Player 11 will not play my DVD's
unless I download extra and expensive software.

Ask us a question here

Use free VLC Player instead or download this free Codec Pack and Media Player 10/11 will then play your films.

Litassou says I am teaching the course to young people in Central African Rep. Hector Pino says I getting ready for a missions trip to Spain. Maria Oñate says I am from Cartagena de Indias, Colombia and want to join a missions group.

Tell us what you are doing or contact the writers

July 22nd, 2010

Morphy says even dogs can do something good for people, this Saturday I hope to swim 10 minutes to raise money for Support Dogs for Children with Autism. More. . . E-mail to sponsor me.

Tell us what you are doing


Abraham Lincoln said, "You cannot help men
permanently by doing for them what they
could and should do for themselves.

Tell us what you think about this

21st July, 2010

Eddie Brito, Scotland says I went to Haiti 10 days after the earthquake  to feed abandoned children and provide water. Children ages 6 to10 are still on the streets totally responsible for their survival, vulnerable to traffickers. The situation is just as bad as in January, if not worse. Facebook

Tell us what you are doing

Almiro Dias, Brazil says my new website has lots of video and teaching. Pastor Isaias says the free DCI Course has helped me. Joseph says I am in the Burundi national university, want to be a preacher. Mauricio says I am looking for people in mission in Bangladesh who speak Spanish.

Tell us what you are doing or contact the writers

20th July, 2010

Les and Pilar Norman, the editors say our daughter Lizzie graduated with a 2:1 BA degree with honours in International Development and English Literature, and also leaves Leeds University debt free. God has been so faithful to her that not one payment and not one meal has been missed. 

Click for full story on the DCI Blog

Sang Kiplangat Yusuf says I planted  a new church last week in Tanzania. Jose Michel, Mexico says I am making a video of sign language lessons for the deaf. Epinza Herve says we are going to open a School of Mission in Ivory Coast.

Tell us what you are doing or contact the writers

19th July, 2010

Julio Alvarado, Argentina says I found free Christian Books in many languages, sent out by Rhema Literature Distributors.

Tell us what you have found for free

Irene, 18, Venezuela says we were very encouraged by all the work people on the page are doing so we are now doing similar things. Put Nosotros Unidos into Facebook to see us.

Tell us what you are doing

Shahid, Pakistan says I teach God's word but face problems and risks. Marcos says I am a doctor in Argentina, I work with poor families. Nahama, Aningas, Brazil says we work with poor children and youth, how can we can help DCI. Answer. Etienne says click Awake to see our projects in RD Congo, Cameroon and Central African Rep.

Tell us what you are doing or contact the writers

17-18 July, 2010
The Weekend

Margarida Simões says The Gideons have their 1st Congress in Portugal 28 July to 2 August at the Igreja AdD, Rua Henrique de Paiva Couceiro, Amadora. Tlf 963878858.  

Tell us what you are doing


Ulises says Remar USA are taking free food, music and the Gospel to Wabash, Lakeland FL for everyone that society has turned their back on. Cris-Santos Ndukaife says I am training young Nigerians for mission in Latin America. Jose Alejo Madrigal, Mexico says click to download my latest music CD free of charge and this to unzip the file

Tell us what you are doing or contact the writers


Michael Singini, Malawi says to finish Phase 1 of the DCI Fund sponsored rural Clinic that will end our 7 hour walks to the nearest doctor, we invite 18 new sponsors to install one roof panel each for £185/$285. Photos

Click to support Michael

All cards welcome, 100% secure

16th July, 2010

Ajmad Aj, Orissa, India says I am going to a very remote area in Gajapati for conference, baptisms and to visit the some very poor people even refugees from Tibet are here.

Tell us what you are doing

Noychembeh Celestine says I am going to the Fufulde/Bororojes in the Cameroon grasslands, we are using your School of Mission in our new Bible College.

Tell us what you are doing

Do you need someone to talk to ? Click to e-mail Sharon from DCI in England. Sharon has an MA in Counselling and Psychology, she is a very committed Christian and personally familiar with suffering. You can talk to Sharon as a trustworthy friend and she will reply to you, in English only.

Tell us what you are doing

15th July, 2010
The BBC reports that six months after the Haiti earthquake only 10% of the promised millions have been spent mainly in debt reduction and only 2% of the rubble has been cleared. 400,000 orphans are found
photos yet many others are still homeless in the streets. Our DCI partner Johnny Auguste who is caring for 23 orphans says we have not seen anyone or received anything. More from the BBC.
Tell us what you think

Les Norman, the editor says that we now have the full School of Mission  in the Yoruba language, free of charge, with a 1000 thanks to Chaplain Adesola Olatunde in Ibadan, Nigeria.


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14th July, 2010

Our music video of the month is Dias Decafeinados from the very talented Catalan group Papel Mache: Keila and Loida Olmo and their friends, rising stars in Spain. See the You Tube video here.

Tell us about your favourite music video

Binambra says we are planning to reach 33,000 kids in Orissa, India through sports. Silvana, Brazil says I really like this great page, so simple to navigate. Cristobal says I am in missions in Cusco, Peru see my websiteVan Holderbeke says I am looking for a free Bible in Italian.

Tell us what you are doing or contact the writers

13th July, 2010
Bokay Town, Liberia

Charles Johnson, Liberia says with help from DCI I will take clothes, food and medicines to inaccessible places like Bokay Town to save some lives from the cholera, flu, yellow fever, malaria, cold and starvation that these floods bring causing 50 deaths a month, people even mix table salt with contaminated water to try to treat themselves and then more die. Click for more photos

Tell us what you are doing

Les Norman, the editor says today we welcome Andy and Val Simcock who are building a home on the Thai-Burma border for orphans and children at risk of being trafficked. Andy and Val heard us speak about the call of God's call back in 1986, ten years later the words came back and they moved to Thailand.

Tell us what you are doing

Gilmar, Brazil says we are training 35 young people to preach God's word. Bakundukize Jean, Burundi says I am a pupil and I forgive my school because the situation here is not good. Amenyenou Alphonse says I lead a church of 60 people in Ivory Coast.

Tell us what you are doing or contact the writers

12th July, 2010

Congratulations to all our friends and readers in Spain for the World Cup win, sorry to everyone from Holland.

Tell us what you think

Chuy our editor in Mexico says when Cyclone Alex met another storm whole towns were suddenly flooded, people had to decide to save either themselves or their possessions.

Tell us what is happening where you are

Juan Garcia says write to me if you are interested in mission in Myanmar. Demétrio Pinheiro says I am sharing the Word of God on Twitter. Thomas Kamana says I want to open a School of Mission in the Nakvale refugee camp in Uganda.

Tell us what you are doing or contact the writers

10th - 11th July, 2010
The Weekend

Silvana Mara, Pousso Alegre, Brazil says we had two dentists visit us and through their work our local school opened its closed doors and 1003 students heard the gospel. The director asked me to teach 400 who were missing, develop a project and return every week or two.

Tell us what you are doing

Les and Pilar Norman, the editors says today we are visiting Andrew and Ruth Belfield in Manchester, UK. Andrew was in the 1985 DCI year of prayer and was our first leader before moving on into successful mission and church leadership.

Tell us what you are doing

9th July, 2010

Pump Aid founded by two Zimbabweans installs clean water wells in Malawi, Zimbabwe and Liberia for just £500 using ingenious 2000 year-old Chinese methodology with local materials. Life changing, highly recommended, brilliant website with video and instructions.

Tell us what you are doing

Carlos Omar, Oaxaca, Mexico asks where he can find Bibles in the Zapoteco, Mixe and Nahault languages. Awodiji, Nigeria says I want to be an evangelist. Innocent, Goma, RD Congo says I look after widows, orphans and the wounded from our long war.

Tell us what you are doing or contact the writers

8th July, 2010

John Grundy, USA says through DCI I purchased a small amount of arts and crafts from Haiti resulting in an 18.3% return that went to back to Haiti.  I would like to repeat this business for mission process with people who see business as a way to minister to the poor and build the Kingdom. Click to see my proposal.

Tell us what you are doing

Samanta Candurra, Argentina says thanks for the free School of Mission for our new church in Villa Gesell, we plan to extend into General Madariaga soon.

Tell us what you are doing

7th July, 2010

Yoppi Margianto, Indonesia says the last article by Jean François was the strongest story I've ever read about life and death. My late father proved to be a man without fear in facing death, and now I find another, Jean-Francois.  See July 6 news.

Tell us what you think

Daniel, Puerto Rico says I want to finish a work I started in Republica Dominicana. Jacilene, Imperatriz, Brazil says I want to get into mission but where do I start?  Edward says I share my food with the most undeserving street children who need it most.

Tell us what you are doing or contact the writers

July 6th, 2010
For those of us who knew Jean-Francois in France, a brilliant translator of these pages, and for all who prayed for him comes the news that after a long fight against serious illness, the Lord passed by last Thursday and took JF home. Let's not forget Monique in her loss.

Send a message to Monique and the family

The DCI Vision and Values page has been updated.
The Banking for the Poor page has been greatly improved.
The DCI Blog has been updated.
DCI has You Tube videos in English, Portuguese, Spanish, French.

5th July, 2010

Sandra Hoving says our Business for Mission Bunches Flowers has won The Business of the Year Award. Amazing things were said about our MD and daughter Dani at the awards. The Lord gave us the word "Flowers" years ago and His word has come to pass.

Tell us what you are doing

Roberto, Brazil says I am in doing missions in Kumasi, Ghana in a football school. Mauricio, Ecuador says I love Pilar Remon's 300 free poems, very inspiring, the Holy Spirit will work through them. Samuel Hayford, Ghana wants to help the deaf in Burkina Faso.

Tell us what you are doing or contact the writers

3rd-4th July, 2010
The Weekend

Peter Ndegwah
, Kenya says these rare inside prison photos show our work with young men many of whom were recruited by the Mungiki cult which terrorized villagers and collected illegal taxes. More photos.

Tell us what you are doing

Justice Hayford, Ghana says the School of Mission is doing well, people from Canaan village have asked me open another School there and offered a vast land for animals and projects to support the training.

Tell us what you are doing

Don't mess with malaria, one bite can be fatal, click to read how Mattie, 19 died yet malaria is easily preventable, get advice from from MASTA and Malaria Hotspots before you travel this summer.

2nd July, 2010

John ClementsWales says for seven years I have been visiting Burkina Faso with specially developed training for African leaders. I go again in July-August to teach 60 pastors from mainly Muslim villages as part of my D.Miss research.

Tell us what you are doing

Pastor Mauro, Brazil says we are doing the DCI course in our church. Giovanni, Costa Rica says I am training to go to Pakistan. Wisdom, Ogoni Land, Nigeria says I hear much about you, we need you here.

Tell us what you are doing or contact the writers

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