12. Money – The Perverter of Our Souls

In Your Bible Read This Out Loud: Jeremiah 17:9

Memorise This Verse: 1 Timothy 6:10 ‘The love of money is a root of all kinds of evil’

Afterwards Talk About This:  Examples of where money causes people to act in an ungodly manner

Something To Do Before Next Time:  If possible, try and find someone who has been perverted by money and share Jesus with them

Written Diploma Work:  Since the LOVE of money is the root of all kinds of evil,  write one side discussing if money itself is evil.

Meditate Word By Word On This Verse:  Hebrews 13:5

Having seen in the previous sections some of the biblical warnings concerning money this section will look at some of the terrible things that money causes people to do. The bible very clearly shows that human nature is wicked, fallen and deceitful however, it would appear that just when human nature cannot get any worse, money comes along and drags it down even further.

Money arouses all that is rotten and horrible in our  nature and twists and perverts our hearts – making us selfish, greedy, deceitful and all together ugly. Adding the influence of money to our human nature is like adding fuel to a fire – it makes a bad situation even worse.

Sadly, people will do some unbelievable things for money – money is the source of untold amounts of wickedness and untold amounts of crime and illegal activities. For the sake of money, people will act against the voice of their conscience and even the voice of Holy Spirit and commit some quite horrendous deeds.

Below are some examples.

  • Hit men and assassins will go as far as killing another human being for money.
  • Women will prostitute their bodies and sell themselves into pornography for money.
  • Slave traders will sell a fellow human being into slavery for money.
  • Parents will even sell their own children into child prostitution for money.
  • In the pursuit of careers and money, Parents will let a nursery bring up and install values into their children instead of the parents doing it.
  • Drug barons will sell drugs and cause untold amounts of harm to society in order to get money.
  • Workers will have sex with their bosses in order to get promotion and a pay rise..
  • People who accept bribes are prepared to do whatever they are asked for.
  • Those involved in protection will threaten people with physical violence for money.
  • Black mailers will kidnap fellow human beings and demand ransom money for their release.
  • Muggers will cause physical harm to another human being in order to take their money from them.
  • People will steal, often from their own families in order to get a little more money.
  • Conmen will devise all sorts of wicked schemes and prey on the elderly in order to deceive them out of money.
  • People will deliberately seek out wealthy members of the opposite sex in order to marry them for their money.
  • People will kill their family members in order to get their inheritances quicker.
  • A few church leaders will pray for God’s blessing on your life – if you give them a large offering!
  • Ultimately, people will reject Jesus and his love and salvation and will go and worship money.

It can further be seen that money perverts us regardless of what financial level we are at. Needles to say that for those who are poor, the perversion of money will be towards acting unrighteously in all manner of ways for just a little bit more money.

However, even for the rich, money can still exert it’s perverting influence and cause people to become proud, boastful, self sufficient and mocking towards those with less money than them. In fact, some rich people are just as greedy and will act just as unrighteously as poor people in order to gain more money – such is their level of unsatisfaction and greed.

It would appear that the human race is locked in an eternal battle with money that each person will fight until their last breath. For those who loose the fight, money will exert it’s perverting influence upon them and will literally dictate to them to act in all manner of unrighteous acts.

However, if through Christ, an individual breaks the influence of money they can exert the will of God upon their money and use it to further his Kingdom in the earth. Those who choose to be givers can render the perverting power of money impotent in their lives; those who don’t will spend the rest of their lives fighting the dictates and demands of money.

A House of Prayer for the Poorer Nations

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