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Welcome to the 20th April, 2004 edition
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Paraguay healings and miracles 

Our Bible School has been to Paraguay to preach We saw God's hand moving, revival is coming for those who seek it.

Esau Ipanaque, Buenos Aires


Who knows how to make footwear?

Does anyone have any information about training modules or courses on footwear manufacturing? My church is thinking of training low-income people in this and other skills.

Pastor Jose .R. Paredes, Buenos Aires




Who has Croatia connections ?

I am going to do some translating into Serbian and Croatian and intend going to Croatia to work among the churches. I would like to make connections.

Andrew Stanley, Mt Creek



After 23 years ministry in Santa Cruz.

The Lord is sending us to Puerto Supe in Peru where there are no evangelical churches. We will plant a church and open a health centre there. Thank you for your free studies. I am teaching them to our leaders so that they can get a vision about missions.

Cesar y Grace Cubas, Santa Cruz



What would happen if . . .

All the believers in South America fasted for 24 hours or for as long as the Lord tells us for revival in our countries?  I think that there are many ready to fast and pray for this.

Jorge Torres Vega, Santiago De Chile



300 people in ten growing groups.

We will celebrate a multiplication ceremony and appoint new pastors shortly. We need help to extend our building,  find evangelistic literature and tracts, sound and music equipment .

Pastor Oscar René Guevara, El Zulia.


Free Bible School Materials  DCI Banking for the Poor






Special Report
How do you send money?
I am praying to go to Venezuela and serve there. There are people interested in supporting us  in Argentina and Spain. How can they send money in a secure and cheap way?

Claudio Da Souza, Buenos Aires, Argentina

§ Hello Claudio. Here are the ways I use and if anyone knows of more and better ways, please let us know because for the missionary community this is an important issue.  
Les, the editor.

1. By insured, registered post

In the UK and Europe and in other countries as well, you can send cheques or cash by an International Signed For service. Ask at your local post office. Costs are very low, it takes 7/10 days to reach anywhere in the world. We have never had any problems except with Cuba and then the Post Office immediately returned the money to us. When we sent it again, the envelope arrived safely.


2. By electronic bank transfer

There are costs and fees. In theory it should work instantly and perfectly but this is not always so. Sometimes the beneficiary has a major problem to persuade his overseas bank that a transfer has arrived and some banks en-route divert the foreign currency into their own trading accounts and take up to six weeks to produce the money, one bank in Uganda took 6 months.


3. Western Union or Moneygram

100% secure, instant, guaranteed and works every time. The fees are quite high but I recommend them, despite the costs.


4. By Credit Card

We use the USA Ebay’s PayPal service which gives a secure transaction, very fast and almost free. You and the beneficiary have to open a free account with them linked to your credit card and to his bank. The whole transaction is handled on-line. Ikobo is a new untested service that sends out  bank ATM cards to collect the funds, for which they charge an initial fee.

If anyone would like to experiment we will gladly volunteer as the guinea-pigs to receive your gifts.  Seriously, we hope this information helps to create a flow of resources around the earth.  
Les and Pilar, the editors.


Free Bible School Materials  

DCI Banking for the Poor






The Lord provides day after day

I am doing a course on transcultural missions. Day after day God provides me with all I need for my training and when He decides I will go to the mission field to serve Him.

Tania Míriam, La Havana


What God did in India

Sometimes I preached in exclusively Hindu neighborhoods, and once my platform was set up next to a Hindu temple. After the four hour service, during which the people in the temple listened, they came to me, asked for prayer and gave their lives to Jesus. Many of them experienced healing, right there in the middle of the street. The people sat like sardines piled on top of one another, and when the altar call was made about 300 people stood in the presence of friends and family and accepted the Lord. I didn't preach religion, I simply told them about Jesus, prayed with them and left the rest up to the Holy Spirit.

Pastor Johannes Matutis, Berlin.


Starting a Bible School at last . .

I tell you because you have been praying for a piece of land for us and your editor, Les Norman was the first one to initiate a short term Bible training programme  in our organization. Now we see it blossom. I just returned from the eastern states. We had three days convention at a remote village. Nearly 100 people gave their heart to Jesus. At another location 7 obeyed the water baptism. We hope to add three more children's homes this year and we have planted one more church in the west coast of India.
Pastor JJ, Central India.


Ichthoos Bible College . .

Trains 70 young people who are too poor to even buy Bibles, to reach the unreached of Andhra Pradesh. We welcome used theology, Biblical study and mission books. We have 120 congregations with only 20 buildings, and a home for 52 boys. Every day is a day of testing faith but the Lord has been faithful in granting our needs.

B.Vijay Paul, Gudiwada, A.P. India



Missionaries are welcome . .

Missionaries to Italy seriously need to have full financial and prayer support from their home nation and church, be humble, willing to learn the language properly at a language school and be willing to submit to Italian local church leaders. There have been too many missionaries coming and wanting to do their own thing. We need humble servants, willing to learn the Italian culture and language and do things the Italian way. Now, after reading this if the Lord leads you, pray and investigate more.

Andrew Diprose, Scuola per Corrispondenza IBEI



No medium more powerful than TV
With the Nigeria population of 120 million, our goal is to get the Word of God into every home.
I will like to receive training in the use of modern mass media to reach the unreached either through television or cable/satellite. Who can recommend organisations that can help.

Emmanuel Akpala, Lagos


Who are we?   See our work with photos









Northern Ireland

When people are a Living Bible

Last year a married couple were killed when their car was hit by a lorry. In court both families said that they didn't want to see the lorry driver behind bars because of the accident. They said that they forgave him. The sister of one of the victims even embraced the driver after sentence was passed.  The police, the prosecutors, the lawyers and even the Judge praised both families for their "dignified Christian attitude". In these days many people frown upon anything "Christian" but on a day like this where else will you find such an attitude and behaviour ?

José Luis Iparraguirre D'Elia, Belfast.



God has blessed us with . .

A new place in the heart of the city of Huacho-Lima free of charge to hold our meetings and services.

Josué Martínez Palacios, Huacho-Lima


Dentist looks for masters degree

Or a postgraduate course abroad and serve there as a missionary at the same time. Could you put me in touch with churches that support students in your countries?

Jorge Richard Maza Sanchezo, Arequipa.


Youth leader looks for new ideas . . 

About how to engage with the young people and help them commit themselves to missions.

William Alvarez Zenteno, Huancayo


We pray for everyone at DCI . .

We are pastoring a church in Tambo de Mora and hold several prayer services during the week. We have committed ourselves to pray and intercede for all the DCI team. Another way of showing our support is to let you know that you will be more than welcome here, we can accommodate up to 40 people.

Luis Navarro and Flor de Maria Polo, Chincha - Ica

§ Luis and Flor, you have our sincere gratitude.  Over here in the UK, if we see four or five in our prayer meetings we are glad, so when churches in Latin America with all their passion and faith get behind us we feel encouraged and strengthened. God bless you all.
Les and Pilar.


Hundreds of pastors in Moscow

It's being called one of the most significant gatherings of church leaders from 15 former Soviet nations. The conference featured reports from country leaders. Some regions are seeing incredible openness, but others are no as there are increasing challenges, requirements, registrations and restrictions on evangelism. In some of the Islamic nations it's even worse. Pastors and church planters are facing outright threats and persecution. One pastor said, "Brothers, we thought we had more time."

Full article available at: Mission Network News

Sent in by Robert Hosken, Moscow


Free Bible School Materials  DCI Banking for the Poor







Photo courtesy © BBC/AP


DCI joins the world to remember 
One of modern Christianity’s greatest failures, when hundreds of thousands followed Christ as Saviour but never became disciples under Christ as Lord. Lessons can still be learned from this tragedy. Rwanda observed 3 minutes of silence to mark the 10th anniversary of the genocide. About 800,000 Tutsis and moderate Hutus were killed by Hutu militias after the assassination of ethnic Hutu President Juvenal Habyarimana on 6 April 1994.



7000 towns wait for church to come

I belong to the AoG in Venezuela, serving in Spain. Please, pray for this country, Spain needs theological training, youth and family work, and opening of more churches - 7,000 places have no evangelical church. The pastors working in this country need your help.

Guilman Jose Romero Belisari, Caracas



After recent Lira massacre
Churches launched 4 days of intercession in the centre of Uganda. All tribes were invited and it had the total support of the police, local councils and security. It was promoted by Uganda TV with presenters telling the public how to intercede for reconciliation. Church leaders discussed issues such as sin, pride and mutual forgiveness and said that sin needs to be confessed on all sides. Callers were praising God and encouraging with the Word of God. A Uganda daily paper showed pictures of hundreds of people on their faces praying in fields.

Diana Chapman, Missionary in Uganda


Happy, grateful for the gifts

These help the lost, the last and the least of Lira and this has lifted our hearts, as the people come to us for help all the time. I have just paid the school fees and books for 45 orphans and given them some soap and a good lunch. About 10 orphans just gave their life to Christ.

Pastor George Purkweri, DCI in Lira.


United Kingdom

Foot-operated wood lathe

Made by a small UK engineering company with a Christian director and is ideal for small craft applications in the developing world - no electricity is needed. The company might license local production. See this page and Bank for the Poor for more ideas.

Tony Whittaker, Soon Ministries, Derbys.


Latin American London company

Our ministry supports Christian artists and evangelism through workshops, dance, painting and music. We have a music project from the US for the Latin American churches in England.

Marcelo and Esmeralda Hidalgo, London


United States

Help us launch Village Bank in Benin

We are a young, growing six nation evangelism and economic development organization, with a lot to learn. I am a Certified Professional Economic Developer and non-profit manager. We are looking for partners to develop a Micro-Enterprise Bank in Benin, we have done about 25 micro-loans thus far.

Larry Lallo MBA, Heartville



Are you in Spain ?

I am looking for some information about churches in Spain and their needs. I am ready to help with leadership and teaching in Spain.

Pastor Argelio Rodriguez, Caracas.





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