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DCI Banking and Saving for the Poor

One of the most beautiful and successful things we have done and one that has transformed life for widows, orphans and the poor in Africa and Asia at very little cost. Micro-loans at zero or very low interest start new businesses which create local income for living, saving and for giving. The goat bank has given hundreds of orphans a start in life.

Business for Mission
Creating employment in the developing world and local funds for reaching the lost, the last and the least.

The Party for the Poor
We hold our Christmas party across the developing world and invite thousands of widows, orphans, disabled people, AIDS victims and street kids for a day of eating, drinking, music, drama and prayer.

Serving across the world since 1987

An online spiritual community with pastors, people and projects.
Answering the call to the lost, the last and the least and open to all.

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