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DCI is a network of friends, partners and projects that began in England in 1985 after a year of prayer and today can be found on all five continents.

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These pages in the middle of the world's busiest market place - the Internet, are our “shop window” and they show you our everyday activities mainly in the developing world. 
We provide fellowship and support for men and women all over the world who have a heart to reach the lost, the last and least of their region or over their borders.

We communicate what God is doing worldwide.

We provide free training with no walls, frontiers or fees.

We equip graduates and leaders with resources for their vision.

We have a bank that likes to say yes to the poor of the world.

We bless the poor as our way of giving thanks to God.

We have ongoing prayer and worship. We honour the word of God and welcome the Holy Spirit to help and guide us.
By early 2011 we had attended to over 53 million page visits or 'hits' from over 100 nations, through this website, which is one of the main ways that our partners and friends around the world talk to each other.

In the UK DCI has always been a small group that serves, we belong to different churches, we are not a sending mission, nor a charity or NGO. We are like-minded friends who enjoy working, serving and giving together, supporting each other in God's call to different kinds of lifestyle and mission. We have no formal leaders, no elders and no written constitution other than the Bible. We do not charge for any of our materials, advice or support. We have no buildings, and pay no salaries.

The founders of DCI in 1985 are Les and Pilar Norman who provide the main personal care for the project leaders and our supporters. Les Norman has spent 34 years following the call of God to the last, the lost and least of the world and these days is a journalist, mentor, consultant and writer, and a guest speaker. Pilar does just as much, also teaches Spanish, and her Christian poetry is a very big favourite in the Hispanic world.

Les is English, Pilar is Spanish and both are 61 years old with 3 children, James, 39, David 37, and Elisabeth who is 22 and a leader in her own right following her graduation from University with a 2:1 in Developing World Issues. Les holds an earned Doctor's and Masters degree, and Pilar is qualified to degree level as a teacher and has known the Lord for 42 years. 

Since 1985 DCI has been working with leaders and people of all ages, colours and nationalities from many church backgrounds. In this photo the UK, Spain, Asia and Africa are represented. All over the world DCI is six people here and twelve people there and ten somewhere else, and this is the way we like it because in small groups we get to know everyone personally by name but over the years these small groups have reached tens of thousands of others.

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