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The DCI Goat Bank    

For the DCI Banking for the Poor click here

For a beautiful showcase of other banking projects click here


The Goat Bank is one of our most successful and least vulnerable projects.

To an orphan with no possessions at all the gift of a goat is of incalculable value especially in cultures where a man's worth is measured in animals that he owns.  A goat brings pride of ownership and a major psychological and emotional boost to the orphan who can now hold his head up in the street. After a while one goat becomes two, becomes four, becomes eight and generally eight goats can be exchanged for one pregnant cow. At this point the orphan has real wealth, a living insurance against future disasters and he has the confidence to get married. All from goat which in the meantime has given milk, fertilizer and kids to pay for school fees, books and clothing.

How does it work ?

A group of orphans, or women or maybe men are given a loan of up to ten goats to begin to lift them out of poverty and dependence.

The reason is that simple very low-tech goats produce milk and children in the family can get nourishing milk to drink. Their health improves significantly. Goats also produce manure, which women use to fertilize their small plots of land. The crops grow much better and they grow more of them. Not only do the families have more food to eat, there is also enough left over to sell. This means more money to pay for clothes, medicines and for their children to go to school. The goats also produce more goats, often twins, and even in death their skins are valuable.


The first ten kids are given straight back in order to repay the original loan. The owners then keep the goats they had originally been given and continue to reap the long-term benefits. Most important of all, at this point they should not need any more help.
The first ten kids are then loaned to another group of women and men to help yet more people. One gift of ten goats is 'recycled' by nature and good organisation and goes on and to help people in desperate need. One goat in Burundi, Uganda and Sudan just 20 each, in Malawi 25.
Important fact sheet Care for goats
"Goats are God's project number one in this war zone of Africa. The report about goat project is spreading like bush fire and we are optimistic about the effects and the result to the poor community.  I have some group of 20 orphans. I have taught them on all the necessary conditions for the scheme. They are now ready. I would propose that we give them 20 goats since they have a small piece of land where they can keep them."
Pastor George Purkweri, Lira, Uganda

Why not buy one goat or a herd of goats, we have a waiting list and welcome your help.Thank you.
or click here for alternative methods

For the DCI Banking for the Poor click here

For a beautiful showcase of other banking projects click here