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Пастор Эрик С. Маддисон

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Author and speaker Philip Yancey says that half of the world’s two billion Christians are led by pastors with less than two weeks training. The DCI School of Mission is specially designed for such men and women. 

These studies which are available in 16 languages have been in use worldwide since 1987 and are genuinely free of charge to help you to learn and then to teach others. Our training is open to everyone and we have no walls, no frontiers and no fees, we never have asked for money and we never will.

The lessons were written by Dr. Les Norman, Th.D., M.Ph. and since 1987 they have been distributed free of charge to tens of thousands of students. The lessons are now taught in hundreds of free or low-cost Schools of Mission in homes and churches across the developing world.

You may see and download any of the modules below or you can take the full diploma level School of Mission programme. Be sure to read the students and leaders manual which will answer all your questions and help you make a good start, especially if you are starting your own School.

The downloads are in the form of easy to print Word files in a zip file.

Extra free materials
We also recommend and distribute:

The Preparation of  the African Missionary
Advanced module as used by the EAPTC School of Mission in Nairobi, Kenya.
Eleven specialist subjects suitable for training all developing world leaders.

See the Index    Download all the lessons

First Steps for New Believers
Easy to teach and easy to do studies on the New Birth, Assurance, Water Baptism, Baptism in Holy Spirit, The Word of God, Prayer, Sharing the Gospel, Faith and Guidance. They are simple, free and easy to print. 

Unreached Peoples Course
Pathway to God's Glory is a free course that is designed for individual, classroom, and small group study on how to develop a biblical world view. Highly recommended.

The Believer and his Money
Sixty five short Bible based lessons about God and money, about giving and receiving, written and as practised by a British accountant with a big heart for mission. 

Sponsored materials
If you are a registered DCI School of Mission you may apply to us for sponsorship of the followingh highly recommended materials:

Train and Multiply
Sixty-three illustrated study booklets for new believers leading to church planting with culturally relevant illustrations in each booklet. 

Funding the Family Business
This is a large book is for people in Christian ministry who raise their own support, written by Myles Wilson, who has lived from a personal support base for over 30 years. The teaching deals with the heart (biblical principles of giving and receiving), the head (how and why people give) and the hands (practical ideas).  Highly recommended.

Perspectives on the World Christian Movement
Discover what God is doing around the world, learn how to use your skills and passions to glorify God - no matter your location or vocation. Join actual classes in the UK, USA or explore classes around the world. The 782 page students manual with all the classes and much, much more is here and the DCI Trust will consider applications from registered Schools of Mission to sponsor the cost of purchase for a School's library. The world's best.

Our own School of Mission studies are provided free of charge in many languages for the benefit of the poorest believers in the world for whom education and especially Bible School is only a distant dream. We will be very grateful for your support to help us provide this training without walls, frontiers or fees. Our work is 100% funded by personal supporters and we genuinely welcome your partnership with us from wherever you are in the world. We will always reply to thank you personally.
Les and Pilar Norman

Or please click here for alternative safe on-line or postal giving.