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June, 2001

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From Rob Reeve, France/ Pygmies of Central African Rep
The "little brothers" shared how some of their oppressors (nearly every other African tribe!) forced them to sell their blood cheaply to them so they could then sell it on for profit to the hospitals! The grossly enlarged feet of elephantiasis, the swollen bellies of little children, the legacy of malaria, and horrendously infected wounds also testified to the curse of illness. People here die for lack of medicine costing a mere hamburger in the west! The missionary team pulled a little girl back from the brink of death caring for her and sending her to hospital, at their own cost, in Bangui. She got well, bloomed under the care and I met her smile a number of times during my time. Amongst her early problems had been syphilis in her blood. Shocking, and yet the reality of the demonic infestation of paradise. On return her family, not yet belonging to the Lord, wanted her back in the 'old ways' and exposed again to the old dangers.


From Julio Vera, Potosi, Bolivia
Many years ago the city of Potosi used to be a rich city but now is one of the poorest regions of the world. Over 4 thousand pastors are coming this July to invade this place with the gospel and achieve what many have prophesied: that Potosi will come out of the light of the world and into the light of Christ.

From Alejandro Barra, Santiago de Chile
Greetings to all the missionaries of the world. I am from Chile and look forward to being a missionary in some years on, as well as my wife.

From Ann Murphy, UK about Romania
If you are thinking about Romania and want to go this summer, please contact me as I am putting a team together. There is need for a multi-talented team, not that each person is an expert in all of the following things, just comes with a flexible attitude, ready to pray, learn and be available to God, These are the opportunities - Mission training school, take part in leadership development training exercises (including with the Romanian students), give testimonies in church and outdoor meetings, speak English or French to the village school children in an informal setting, playing, singing etc. Also, there is a bakery project to provide bread to the surrounding villages which needs some practical work. You do not need to have any skills or previous experience, just be willing to get involved and follow instructions.

From Rosanna Loewen, Asunción, Paraguay 
My best wishes for all of you and for all the missionaries. May the blessing of the Highest be with you all. I would like to give my prayer support, as I feel it's time to work. Thank you for this chance. Many blessings.

From Hans Ziefle, Santiago, Chile <>
Adelphos, a mission society in Chile informs asks for prayer for our first family going to Angola, Africa; and for the project of an office and house for missionaries and training, also for Cuba 2000 a trans-cultural training of Cuban professionals.

From Christian Aid's Missions Insider Report, USA <>
You can have a free weekly e-mail report from Christian Aid Mission, your link to indigenous missions. We seek to establish a witness for our Lord in every tribe and nation (Matthew 24:14) by supporting highly effective native missionaries who serve with competent indigenous mission boards based in poorer countries overseas. We have been contacted by more than 6000 indigenous ministries that have a total of 300,000 missionaries on the field or ready to go when support is received.

From Mario y Karla Escobar, Cancun Quintana, México
Your web page has been a great blessing to our life. We look forward to receiving more information about trans-cultural missions and testimonies. We are a young married couple. My wife is 25 and I'm 25. We have been called for missions.

The Missions and Money Forum


From Daniel Saavedra, Cochabamba, Bolivia
I am the announcer of the radio programme World Missions News that is broadcast on 300 stations. I look forward to serving the church with this updated information about missions. Thanks.


From Fabián Mañosh, Mercedes, Argentina
We are having our National Congress of Missions in Mercedes, Argentina. We are receiving a pastor from Brazil who has been in many parts of the world reaching people with the Gospel. We are working hard but happily. For instance, we have to make 100 flags of different countries and do some theatrical jobs such as stage lighting.

From Val Browne, South Africa 
We think of you often and pray for you daily. Our Lord is a great Lord, and I thank and praise Him for everything that he is doing for us. He is the one and only faithful person on this earth. I find that people are changing and faithfulness is one of those precious commodities that dont seem to exist anymore. One of these fine days we could be raptured and be taken away from all these things. Isnt he wonderful ?

From Marcos Santos, Colombia
I thank the Lord for the opportunity of connecting with hundreds of people through these pages with whom I share the vision of the Lord's kingdom expansion. I never forget to pray for you. God bless you.

From Pastor John Joseph, India
When the Lord of the harvest says "The harvest is plenteous" He means it!  And thats what we experienced in a 3 day convention in Gujarat. Many accepted Christ as their Saviour and others were delivered from sin, bondage, sickness and evil spirits.  The pastor sold his motorcycle to build this church and now plans to sell his small farm tractor to pay the loans.  We had a very blessed time and a flawless trip. We had to cross a river bed four times a day for three days, our van was overloaded but by the grace of God nothing went wrong.  Thank you for taking time out to pray for us.

From Cristián Berríos López, Santiago de Chile
The Independent Christian Teological Movement of Chile is a ministry dedicated to the study, research and support of the Word of God. We provide help to combat the sects that attack the Christian work in our country, and we prepare and give out written materials to all who ask regardless of denomination.

 Who are we at the Diario ?


From: Richard Bartz, South East Asia
Finally, the harvest has begun! In the last six months, more than 70 people from the local religion have believed in Jesus! We are rejoicing at the harvest of souls the Lord has graciously given our teams.  After so many years of sowing and watering, finally, the harvest has begun and churches are being formed! Earlier we reported to you the burning of yet another village church and asked for prayer. Out of the ashes of the church building, two house churches were born. Our team began training the believers there, and then God did something wonderful!  During a training session, 5 men watched the "Jesus Film" in the Makassar language.  They and their households  believed and that night 14 came to Jesus. Then later the same week 7 other families who had converted in the city came to our workers after hearing of the events in the village.  They wanted to help them start a new house church in the city!  Praise the Lord!


From Walter Hidalgo, Argentina
My dear brothers, I'm a pastor and First Lieutenant of the Argentine Army, and a missionary member of the Assembly of God. There are no evangelical pastors at the Army yet; only with Roman Catholic priests - as that is the official church. We are facing problems to gather and pray together as we are mistaken for a sect. I would like you to put me in touch in Spanish with any serving Christian soldiers or military people. We are waiting in the Lord for the time of His mercy and for the opening of evangelical chapels in our Army. I would like to apply for a Chaplain's position to spread the gospel as the Lord Jesus commanded us to do.

From Jovane, Amsterdam, Holland
We are a bunch of evangelists from Brazil. We have been in Holland for a month living with missionaries. We are considering going to London. We would like some information about where to find an evangelical Portuguese-speaking church in London.

From Cristian Quintero, Almafuerte, Argentina
Knowing Christ was the most wonderful experience I ever had. I was rescued out of the utmost evil. I cannot understand how Jesus can love a man like me. Now, I live but for Him. I was converted a year and a half ago. I took some courses at Youth with a Mission. Now, I'm praying for Turkey. I ask the Church of the Lord to pray for me. I'm working at my church, teaching drama. I also go from church to church giving testimony of what the Lord has done in my life, from where He has taken me.

From Rodrigo Sanchez about Equatorial Guinea
Two years ago, I was in Equatorial Guinea but had to go to Spain for a medical treatment for malaria. It was diagnosed as cerebral. Thank God I am now in my country of Chile with my wife and little daughter. I would like to take some English and French courses, as well as on child care, as God has spoken to us and said we should take these courses to return to that precious but sad land. We would be obliged for any information in this respect, in Spanish.

From Agustín Fernández, Argentina
It all began five years ago as I was praying at a prayer meeting. We all heard a thundering noise and thought the tin roof had broken down. A kind of heavenly shower fell and the Holy Spirit was poured in glory over us. The Lord began revealing prophecies and visions in an amazing way. Gold specks were poured down too (I still keep some). A jeweler said he didn't know what metal they were. The Lord also poured down some oil and some people were annointed.

From Alexander Dorado Alban, Cali, Colombia 
I'm interested in receiving the Training School and developing it in my town and country. I am the director of educational projects at the Foundation "Liderazgo Educativo"and your programmes would very much contribute to the work.

From Pastor Samuel Vasquez, Tacna, Perú
I am from Arica in Chile. My wife and I started a mission in Tacna six years ago. Now, we have a group of 70 young people and we are building up a church. We also work with non-Christian radio stations and just held a concert with four different bands. I am writing from Puno, 10 hours from Tacna. It's my third trip in a month and a half with a team of 6 young people from the church at the University of Puno. Ten people accepted the Lord. We visited the Island of Uros in Lake Titicaca where we joined native groups. I ask for your prayers as we plan to reach Puno, Arequipa, Cuzco and Ayacucho.

Free School of Mission


From a Chinese student in Europe
In fact, I am not a Christian, but I think what you are doing is very very helpful and would promote the welfare of many people. I think I would offer some help if possible, $30, and I would be more than happy to do so. The weather here is fine, but I am very busy these days with my study and work. Wish you well. Good luck and see you.  


From Rob Reeve, France about Pygmies in CAR
God is working a quiet miracle in the secret of the equatorial forest of Central African Republic. A team have won over 100 of these 'unreached' pygny peoples to the Lord over the last year and are involved in the delicate task of discipling them. Western clothes are not well adapted for the natural wear and tear of forest life, and maintaining a minimum of dignity with the coverings the forest provides, the more hidden clans teach a long lost secret about lack of shame and self consciousness. Spending 2 hours a day 'teaching' these peoples has to rate as one of the deepest privileges and challenges I have found over the years. You can throw away every  book and prop of Western thinking and theology!  More next week.

From Ann Murphy, UK about Romania
We are all back safely from Romania. The ambulance we went in, kindly lent by Surrey Ambulance Service, is still there, waiting for rescue. We had many trials on the way, there, back and during our stay as well. We went with some good plans but the Lord came up with an alternative set. I lost all my documents at a service station and spent a day with the  Police and British Consulate in Vienna. We went to refit a bakery, but it was not ready, and then the sanitary inspector visited and all plans had to change. We helped with launching a cell group. From last year the farm church has grown and Pastor Ilie has been leading some small teams of youngsters into Serbia on mission trips.

From Marion Male, Fiji
We are well under way with the Training School. We have 9 wonderful students, 5 female and 4 males, 4 Fijian and 5 Indians. They are a pleasure to be with, and from different churches, full on for God and very eager to learn. We went to Rabi Island which was quite a culture shock, the heat was immense. Despite, early morning and late night toilet shovel expeditions along the beach with pigs as neighbours, we survived. Lin from Canada, our builder is now with us, and also Chuck and Sue as our Agriculture Managers. God is bring our team together. We have also heard from a few very capable builders  from NZ and Australia who are willing to come to help us build on short and long team stays. What an amazing thing God is doing.

Congratulations Constantin & Manuela, our colleagues in Romania
We are very happy to let you know that we are graduates again! We both took the maximum grade (10) for the both Diploma Work and Final Exam and you should know that wasn't easy. Only very few of our colleagues have the same. Soon we will send you more lessons translated into Romanian.

From Rev. Douglas Wood, Jamestown, USA
I pastor the Church of Hope Ministries. We believe in preaching and teaching the true word of God. In this day and time its hard to find churches that preach and teach true. Those that do they have a very small group. We believe in giving and not selling the word of God. God gave us his holy word so we give it freely. We would very much like to start a school with your help. Thank you and may God bless and smile on you and yours.

Free Things, Address Book and Library


From Virgilio Zaballos, Barcelona, Spain
Here at the Church of Samaria we have witnessed a small explosion of spectacular manifestations. Several precious stones (or something similar) have appeared instead of jersey buttons, gold in a lady's sweater and even in teeth! The pastor was in Madrid two weeks ago in a campaign and conference with an evangelist called Epi who also has these manifestations at his church. Teeth fillings seem quite practical. I had never heard of gold pins and precious stones in clothes, watches, etc. before.


From Vladimir López, Caracas, Venezuela
Beloved brethren in Christ. I'm at the Caracas Evangelical Seminar. I'm taking an Elemmentary Greek course, but I have to buy a New Testament and a Concordance Book in Greek. In Venezuela, this material is rather expensive to buy. I would very much like you to contact me to somebody, preferably in the US, to get cheaper prices. God bless you all.

From Pastor Carlos Monroy, Riverside, California 
We are an association of 25 Churches and each pastor wants to open a training school at his own church. Our brother, Pastor Juan Alapa, from Las Vegas, Nevada, USA, sent us an e-mail, downloaded all your courses and distributed them among all of us.

From Mariela Ruiz, Chaco, Argentina
We have held the Annual Convention at the Toba district. I was amazed by the great quantity of people that came. We presented six different dramas, something completely unknown here, and they were a blessing: over thirty Toba youngsters took part. We are arranging a missionary trip with them to the countryside where small churches have no resources nor help. Last time we did some work in the neighbourhood and over 40 new children assisted.

Same pages in Spanish


From Eliette Delgado Zúñiga, San José, Costa Rica.
I am a young lady and have been serving the Lord for many years with missions. I would like to receive some more information about this. My church is 100% missionary. So, any materials we could get in Spanish shall be of great blessing. God bless you, Eliette.


From Yuri Salazar Moya, Santiago, Chile
A month ago, Pastors Ricardo Cid, Elizabeth Duran, Norma Gamboa and I organized a Congress in Santiago de Chile, which was visited by the glorious power of the Holy Spirit, as more than 3000 people were gathered and filled with the power of God. Brethren, we are living the last days. I urge all Christians to pray for a world revival.

From Lidia Rossi, Argentina
Church - Is the practice of sign language a reality in your congregation? We're running out of time. The Lord is coming. Beware he doesn't find you sleeping or drowsing as were the foolish virgins. Prepare yourself. Your hands may be useful tools so that the deaf of the world may know the Lord. The harvest is abundant.

From Marisela Salgado
I would like to ask you if you could send me some information in Spanish about Missions studies, plans, costs, places to take them, and other prerequisites. Thank you.

From José Dante, Perú
We glorify God for all the difficulties we overcame during these last months. Once again we were able to see how He helps us with all things. At the turn of the year, we had many worries about the Training School, as we were in the 4th year and thought there were not going to have enough teachers. Thank God that He touched many pastors and missionaries to supporting us with their teaching this year.

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