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1st July, 2010

Ranledis Perez, Cuba says the 2010 DCI sponsored Baseball Cup in Camaguey is on. Last year many young street guys played and some came to faith. There are 1st, 2nd, 3rd prizes, a trophy and a big meal at the end when Colin and Lynne from the UK are with us to present the awards. More photos

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Gilberto, Ushuaia, Terra del Fuego, Argentina says we want to do a short term mission trip to Portugal, looking for people to welcome us and teach us about Portugal before we come.

Tell us what you are doing

30th June, 2010

Charles Johnson
Liberia says we have massive floods in most of Liberia affecting thousands including even the President's home. You can see destitute people and starving, sickly, naked children all over the place. More photos

Tell us what you are doing

Guilavogui, Guinée says I work with students, think about us here. Samson, Ogun, Nigeria says I think of being a missionary some day. Totoavy, Madagascar says we are celebrating the 50th anniversary of our independence.

Tell us what you are doing or contact the writers

29th June, 2010


DCI (that's us) is a 25 year journey following Jesus to the ends of the earth until the end of the age with lots of people walking alone yet together, talking to each other, praying as they go, helping each other along and leaving a blessing behind them. Nothing could be simpler, come with us.

Tell us what you are doing

Antonio, Ipil, Zamboanga, Philippines says I am the pastor of a new, small church here and it can be lonely but DCI and your materials are more than gold for us, especially for me. I did not come from a Bible college, what I have is a vision to go and preach the word, to be part of His Kingdom and to hasten His coming.

Tell us what you are doing

28th June, 2010

Rolando Canazas, Peru says I am Pucallpa letting my feet heal after so much walking in the Amazonas, one journey was sixty kilometers, I now know how the first-century disciples felt after taking the gospel everywhere by foot.

Tell us what you are doing

Yoppi Margianto, Indonesia says click for many free Christian books in English.

Tell us what you have found for free

26th -27th June, 2010
The Weekend
Click to read a very beautiful story from Donald Couch, USA about his beautiful dark-eyed son Jason, born 1976 who seemed normal but at two years old it was obvious he was delayed developmentally. We had him tested, autism was the devastating news.

Tell us your story

PuppetsNatalie, Trinidad says how can I get a puppet show for the children in my local church?

Ask us your question

Click here to see and download a very high quality training manual on How to Do Puppet Ministry by Capt. Fred Mercer. The colour cover is here. In English.

Tell us what you are doing

25th June, 2010

Click to hear Dangerous Mission a BBC program about people in mission who face arrest, deportation and mortal danger in countries that are hostile to Christians, a work so sensitive that few were prepared to talk about it.

Tell us your story

Dikwa, Central Africa Rep says I work to train young people as leaders.  Loida, Venezuela says the Holy Spirit spoke to me, I want to be in missions in Kenya. Rosane, Brazil says I want to be in missions after I graduate in obstetrics. Singgih, Indonesia says our church was forced to close by radical Islam, now we have a problem to carry on.

Tell us what you are doing or contact the writers

24th June, 2010

Click to write to Sharon who is with DCI in England, Sharon has an MA in Counselling and Psychology, she is a very committed Christian and familiar with suffering. You can talk to Sharon as a trustworthy friend and lady pastor and she will reply to you, but in English only.

Tell us what you are doing

Click for Thirty Missions Books for Free, download from the World Evangelical Alliance including Global Missiology, Doing Member Care Well, Establishing Missionary Teams and much more.

Tell us what you have for free

23rd June, 2010

Click for Dr. Bob Utley, 63, retired Professor of Hermeneutics, USA who will give you free of charge a first class verse by verse study commentary on all the Bible in 26 languages, audio, video, written or on CD.

Tell us what you have for free

Luis says I am 17 and dream about being an evangelist, people say I am very young but with Jesus I can do it. Anibal says I am the webmaster for a page at Boston International School. Richard, Kitgum, Uganda says I am a soldier and a Christian, I think people should learn God's will and change. Jeremie, RD Congo says we are fighting to plant a church.

Tell us what you are doing or contact the writers

22nd June, 2010

George Purkweri, Lira, Uganda says the Police told me some bad men are plotting to kill me.  Our Churches for the Poor are 50 now, latest is Alito with 107 people, 3 skill training schools for poor women and former child soldiers are in Lira, Oyam and Loro, with Apac soon.

Tell us what you are doing

Sol says I would like to know about Surinam. Yigan, Senegal says I deeply believe that Jesus Christ is the only solution and he is worthy of our trust. Ngamouyi, Congo says a believer for a long time I want to be in missions. Furahi, Burundi says I am training the youth of our church.

Tell us what you are doing or contact the writers

21st June, 2010

Felly Nsungu says I leave Kinshasa, Congo this Monday for 3 weeks preaching in Cabinda, Angola where the 26 years of war have devastated almost everything.

Tell us what you are doing

The Inside DCI Blog is now available in Portuguese here with lots of thanks to our editor in Sao Paulo, Edye Isaias. Néstor, Argentina says we have a radio program and offer free literature. Regen Nababan, Indonesia says I am training to go behind the Bamboo curtain.

Tell us what you are doing or contact the writers

June 19th - 20th, 2010
The Weekend

Rolando Canazas, Peru says I am back after a long time with the Amazon native peoples, we have done two Schools of Mission and trained ten pastors and twenty new leaders.

Tell us what you are doing

Rex Ajenifuja, Nigeria says our Christian NGO in Lagos cares for families, children and the poorest living with HIV. We urgently need volunteer nursery teachers, nurses, health workers and admin staff.

George Mkandawire, Malawi says we have six community child care centres in Lilongwe, Dowa and Kasungu where vulnerable children learn, interact and grow in spiritual, physical, emotional and psychological areas.

Tell us what you are doing

18th June, 2010

John Duco, Liberia says 73 orphans, 103 abandoned children, 165 poor slum dwellers, 35 disabled, 
376 in all came to our Dec 25th Christmas Party with the Poor and 46 people decided to follow Jesus. The Bank for the Poor helped 492 people in the past and now has three big loans out to people who work hard despite the recession and unstable prices here.

Tell us what you are doing

Anacecilia WilderUSA says my future husband are to be married in Arequipa, Peru, we would like to meet with English speaking believers and people in mission in Peru between 9-18th July.

Tell us what you are doing

17th June, 2010

Ali and Kate are the pastors of a new contemporary church in Nottingham called The Rock. In England planting a new church is still a rare event. 
See the photos a great first meeting here.

Tell us what you are doing

Ibeaux says I pastor a charity called Jésuskro in Ivory Coast.  Lucimar says I do mission the drug area of Cariacica, Brazil. Totoavy says I live in Maroantsetra, Madagascar and I think the answer to poverty here is in the gospel. Hénoc says thanks and God bless you from Burkina Faso.

Tell us what you are doing or contact the writers

16th June, 2010

Graham, East London UK says our brand new Hope Church ran a quiz as part of a week's mission with nineteen of Stratford's churches working together. Three people responded to the gospel and later I led two people to Christ when we did a personal beliefs survey in the street.

Nahama, 62, Brazil is looking for contacts in Natal , we are working with young people here. Eugenio says I train men and women to go to the 10/40 Window. Sol says we take the word of God in Arabic to people in Madrid, Spain. Elkin, Colombia says I dream about serving the Lord.

Tell us what you are doing or contact the writers

15th June, 2010

Silvia, our editor in Chile says today is our 42nd Wedding Anniversary. We have been together for 52 years and have 5 children and 8 grandchildren, all are a great blessing and serve our precious Lord Jesus like us.  For us it is a privilege to serve God with DCI.

Tell us what you are doing

Dante says I pastor a new church in Callao, Peru. Edwing says my family is planting a new church in Maicao, Colombia. Ricardo, El  Salvador says I give all my spare time to serving Jesus. Luis, Bolivia says click to see my website where you can talk, think and be inspired. 

Tell us what you are doing or contact the writers

June 14th, 2010
DCI comings and going

In July Colin and Lynne, UK fly from Cuba to Haiti to visit Johnny and his 23 earthquake orphans. In Cuba they are with Ranledis's church and School of Mission in Camaguey for the 2010 Baseball Final, a tournament that brought several street teens to faith last year. Cuba and Haiti are side by side but to cross over today's Pirates of the Caribbean make you pay the same price as a London to Havana flight.

Tell us what you are doing

Catherine, the editor of our French pages is in La Motte, France to visit and pray with our translator Jean-Francois who remains seriously ill at his home in the French Alps. Gisella, the editor of our pages in Italian met Catherine, did the driving and took her home afterwards.

Tell us what you are doing

12th - 13th June, 2010
The Weekend

Ojie Solitario, Philippines says we have 11 graduates in the Shabach Adonai Institute of Theology School of Evangelism using your free DCI curriculum, the people have reached the tribal community as part of the course. More photos.

Tell us what you are doing

Márcia, Brazil says we are training to go to the Fula in Guinea Bissau, please pray for our David, born with Down Syndrome. Capacitacion Misionera Argentina supported by Comiban offer five levels of training for people in mission. Kibuuka says I am an evangelist in Uganda. Simon, Malawi says this page promotes lots of interaction amongst believers.

Tell us what you are doing or contact the writers

11th June, 2010

Sahr Bockarie, Sierra Leone says the School of Mission started by John Duco from Liberia has graduated its first students and over 180 people successfully completed one year's training.

Tell us what you are doing

Martin, India says I am transforming lives through bible teaching. Noe, Guatemala says we are opening a new church in Guadalajara Jalisco. Anarosa, Argentina  says I take God's love, milk and clothes to very poor children. Alvaro says I will give my life to see suffering children smile.

Tell us what you are doing or contact the writers

10th June, 2010

Ranledis Perez
, Cuba says five days of heavy rain has brought huge floods,
Camaguey has never seen anything like it. More photos

Tell us what you are doing

Arnaud, Gabon says I need leaflets about Jesus to give away. Click here. Binambra, India says I have finished my B.Th and M.Div, hoping for a Ph.D in counseling. Rodolfo, Argentina says our small church has a radio station and feeds needy children that need some love.

Tell us what you are doing or contact the writers

9th June, 2010

Dave and Heidi Skipper, UK says we only need our visas to arrive and our support to move from 75% to 90% of the budget and then we move to Japan at the end of August to work with music and youth. We are very excited but some nights we do feel daunted, overwhelmed and wonder what we are doing!

Tell us what you are doing

Hear all the Bible beautifully spoken in English here or for PC's with Real Player click here and for other languages and versions click here 

Tell everyone what you have found

8th June, 2010

Kizhakkevila DanielIndia says Arman was as a priest and did witchcraft for 20 years till two of his children died for no reason and then his last child also got sick. No hospital, temple or witch-doctor could help but a Hindu priest said to ask Jesus Christ. Arman had never heard the name and did not know where this Jesus lived so for weeks he asked everyone until Amar Das shared the gospel and prayed for his child who was instantly healed. Arman is now following Jesus and a church has been started in his house.

Tell us your stories

Howard Sands says click to join 1,200 Africans in our Network for the Great Commission. Juan K says write to us, a group of Colombian young people on mission in Venezuela. Jose Michel, Mexico says click to learn sign language to take God's love to the deaf. 

Tell us what you are doing or contact the writers

7th June, 2010

George PurkweriUganda says we have 37 leaders in our Lira DCI free School of Mission all from our Churches for the Poor, all willing to take the gospel to the end of the world.

Tell us what you are doing

Jodiogenes says I pastor a church in East Indonesia sharing our faith through community development. Yolanda, Philippines says the Daluyan Learning Haus is a mission prep school in a Muslim area. Anton, South Africa invited volunteers to come for 1 up to 12 months. Dinorah in Tierra del Fuego is looking for teaching material for 18 to 30 year old's.

Tell us what you are doing or contact the writers

5th - 6th June, 2010
The Weekend

Charles Johnson says in this rainy season 50 people a month, mainly women and children, will die from cholera in every one of Liberia's 500 communities for lack of safe drinking water. This staggering death rate, among the worst in the world, comes on top of deaths from floods, cold, malaria, malnutrition and poor childbirth.

Tell us what you think about this


Bobby, USA says click to see a five minute CBN news clip about the threat to Christians in the UK, same laws may reach the USA any time now.

Tell us what you think about this

The Arabian Peninsula is the home of Islam, click here for how to pray for the peoples who live there and download free booklets in English.

Tell us what you would like to see here

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Les Norman 60, is a journalist, writer, speaker and a manager for the DCI Fund, focussing on the lost, the last and the least of the world. Since 1977 he has been following the call of Christ. He is married to Pilar with three grown up children.
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